30 January 2011


*haircuts for all...we LOVE miss brandy
*lots of grilling...burgers, steaks, pork chop = no more cooking this weekend!
*birthday wishes 
*a little office time...but my peep kept me company
* much blog stalking
*letter writing
*catching up with friends
*redbox time
*best birthday dinner ever...my mister's steak & asparagus
*a little sleeping in
*a lot of snuggling
*another simply wonderful weekend

check out Amanda's weekend. 
how was yours?


  1. Can you come by and cut our hair? We need it, never manage to get them, and no one in our house can do it.

  2. Lots of rest and rejuvination! There was rest in our house, but of a different kind - http://whoopsidaisy-tonya.blogspot.com/2011/01/things-ive-discovered-while-being-sick.html

  3. sounds like a great weekend! grilling sounds so good - hopefully we'll have some dry weather for grilling and outdoor dinners soon :)