13 January 2011

10 right now

*rounds of Rush Hour
*seed catalogs...want more heirlooms in the garden this Spring
*cold, crisp weather that is perfect for hot coca
*my uggish boots...ok maybe they are from American Eagle
*taking photographs
*looking back...and learning from it
*roasting the perfect chicken
*True Grit...best movie i have seen a while
*quiet conversations in the dark with my mister
*being recognized by this blog for having a stylish blog. thank you Erin!

now to follow the rules of the Stylish Blog Award. Seven things about me.
  1. i crave a simple life.
  2. i love calendars. i love filling in the calendars. planning ahead. sending birthday cards. i may have bought 3 last week and 1 for my dad. i just may be addicted.
  3. i love being in my garden. new plans for a revamped spring garden in the works right now...sorry Kevin but that means i need some things built.
  4. i have a husband that makes me laugh everyday.
  5. i very much dislike root beer, fennel, or anything remotely similar.
  6. i am a quotes junkie.
  7. i am a ponderer. i love to sit in the stillness and think things through.
thank you Erin for thinking of me. i am truly flattered.


  1. Try Richters Seed catalog, they are out of Canada. That is who we buy most of our seeds from. Great post by the way, VERY STYLISH! ;)

  2. Oh I am so with you on the simple life! Simple, without distraction and competition would be bliss :-)
    Very nice to learn a bit more about you...

  3. Thank you so much for playing!