12 January 2011

right now, i am

...trying to remember to look at the glass as half full. i don't want to be the half empty kind of girl. that lesson has been learned...finally. it took a while to realize that i had to like myself to be truly happy. the authentic me.the me that loves books, that is pulled to the kitchen, that simple is better and that quiet is music to my ears. 
 that my story was my story. and no one could write it for me. 
life couldn't be better than to see that glass half full.


  1. That's a gorgeous picture, Stephanie!

  2. Beautiful Stpehanie. :) You always make me smile.

  3. Oh I am right there with you right now. It is tough at times, but you are right it is much better to be the optimistic one.


  4. Beautiful picture with beautiful words.