30 June 2012


dear mister of mine. thank you for being interested in what i am interested in. thank  you for helping me find THE PERFECT doors for our new headboard. you rock.
dear book club girls. i love y'all to pieces. seeing you each month is food for my soul.
dear pinterest. you are my addiction. you help me make me a better gal. :)

21 June 2012

10 right now

:: I can not get enough of Downton Abbey
:: vintage windows & doors
:: cooking with this guy
:: smiling
:: summer meals
:: maxi skirts
:: Julia Child cooking club...simply cannot wait to start!
:: taking photographs...especially here lately (stephaniefromtexas)
:: listening to Norah
:: prayer.

15 June 2012

this moment

one photo ... no words
a moment i want to savor   to remember always
a moment that makes me smile

14 June 2012

10 right now

  • sneaking a peak at a not-so-little guy during a quiet moment with scriptures

  • an even bigger guy of mine doing some repairs for his mama
  • catching up with amanda. oh how i have missed her inspiration
  • summer reading lists. mine to follow soon...just finished a sweet memoir and started another, a reread, just what i'm in the mood for.
  • hen in a nest. i have one almost every morning. yum!
  • rubber boots. i adore my black crocodile rubber boots...i'm a simple girl!
  • baby chicks
  • quiet

  • this guy. this guy who will run out to jump rope race with a line of surprised 2nd graders at Field Day (on Sawyer's last day of public school ever!!). this guy who reminds me daily to laugh...belly laugh. thank God for this guy.

08 June 2012

this moment

one photo ... no words
a moment i want to savor   to remember always
a moment that makes me smile

03 June 2012


the perfect quiet weekend 
it started with saying goodbye to another school year and saying hello to homeschool!
there has been non stop monopoly being played
the kitchen filled with non stop cooking...feeding my stomach and my soul
sounds of Nerf ammo flying thru the air silenced only by paper airplanes taking their place
The Dangerous Book for Boys was out and fun was found within it's pages

new chickens were added to the BoninFarm

(named after our favorite scientist, Dr. Sheldon Cooper)
was fed, watered, and petted by his owner Sawyer Tate
they are the best of friends

yes, my lovelies, it was an almost perfect quiet weekend
if only of daddy wouldn't have been working the night shift.
but just being here was enough for us!

how was your weekend?

::joining in with amanda

02 June 2012


this post could have been called turbulent. or i give up. but thankfully, grateful fits. sure this year of tumors, hospitals, tears, uncertainty, and fear was almost more than my little basket could carry. it also brought strenth, resilience, education, a long hard look in the mirror, and a happy ending.
all tumors so far are to be monitored every 3-6 months.
and my dear love, my heart is home. my life is complete again. a smile back on my face and ring on a certain finger.
i am indeed grateful to have my life back. however, i am grateful to have gone through this season of discontent. i learned to be a better person. to grasp to my Lord. to choose friends carefully and keep a small circle. and to just be in quiet. Quiet...the most important lesson i learned.

so my days have been filled with...

  • this sweet read and now this one.
  • researching homeschooling!! yes its back on!!
  • planning our visit to this awesome museum. can you say Titanic!
  • cooking and more cooking
  • compiling my summer reading list
  • marathon games of Monopoly
  • junkin (antique shopping) with my Mr.
  • creating with my junkin finds
  • lots & lots of smiling :)

01 June 2012

this moment

one photo ... no words
a moment i want to savor   to remember always
a moment that makes me smile