31 August 2010

happy birthday Maria Montessori

We cannot create observers by saying 'observe,' but by giving them the power and the means for this observation and these means are procured through education of the senses. Maria Montessori 

29 August 2010

this i know for sure....

lately i have been pondering life. my life. what is important to me. what used to be important. my likes, my dislikes. and more importantly, where i am going. learning from where i have been. always, always traveling with Him at my side. 

these things i know for sure......

::life's pleasure comes from the simple things in life

::i can do anything i put my mind to

::laughing makes everything okay

::slow and steady wins the race...fast and flashy will just crash and burn

::no worry too great or too small to get on my knees for

::honesty is the best policy

::speak softly and listen often

::what you put out is what you will get back

::live for yourself....not another's opinion

::nothing tastes better than a homemade biscuit with mayhaw jelly

27 August 2010

25 August 2010

10 things right now

::learning...education makes me smile

::facebook...connecting with new and old friends. don't we love to peer in a window of others lives. i gain amazing inspiration from friends on facebook.

::working...loving learning something new every time i am at work. what a confidence builder to have ideas & strategies that are valid....fruitful

::my peeps loving life...friends, school, music, God


::my new Mac...a whole new world!  once you go Mac, you won't go back!

::my small group friends

::MOCKINGJAY...oh katniss how i have missed thee.

::lists....especially a list like this one.

::living my life for God first, myself, and then my family....makes for a happy life!

what are your things right now?

22 August 2010

me and mrs. jones

ready for his first day of 1st grade

sawyer bonin
1st grader
mom i have to bring an apple to the teacher
words of advice from dad
that is my boy with his 
"i love bacon" pin
on his backpack
mom following watching her grown up
guy march into school
in the home stretch
so excited to start this day
sawyer painted a canvas for mrs. jones
he is already in love with her
high fives 
mrs. j is so cool
me and mrs. jones

this morning we swung right back in our routine. breakfast...eggs & bacon (of course), backpacks packed, hugs and out the door....all happening with dad singing Me & Mrs. Jones the entire time! it felt familiar yet surreal. my baby is in first grade...real school. my oldest baby is entering his senior year with cameron a mere 2 years behind him. when did this happen?
a proud mama i am watching them grow and mature. 3 sweet boys with ideas and opinions of their own. all different yet the same. all kind, generous guys. all funny, keeping me in stitches. all leaving each morning with a piece of my heart with them.

20 August 2010

13 August 2010

11 August 2010

am a fan

::am a fan of summer reading lists....there are some great ideas for the kiddos here

::am a fan of blogs written by moms...fabulous inspiration from this mom, and this one, oh and this one too

::am a fan of exploring homeschool options...is it a fit for us

::am a fan of spanish class...muy bien 

::am a fan of yummy recipes...perfect for trying out my pasta maker

::am a fan tire swings

::am a fan of good books that are turned into good movies...looking forward to a fab date night starting with pasta @ Goodfella's and then the movie!

::am a fan this rug...not sure i can live without it

::am a fan of learning new things...trying even though it scares me like crazy

::am a fan of my newest Twitter account i am following...this is super cool

::am a fan of the fact that sawyer is excited to have these in his lunch kit this year

::am a fan of being happy with who i am not who others think i should be.

what are you a fan of?

08 August 2010


::started it off with a fab family night...guacamole burgers, sweet potato fries, vegged in front of the television, and  laughed a lot
::spent some time pondering what i am thankful for
::freezer went south so that means lots of cooking...herb roasted turkey, banana blueberry bread, and my first blueberry jam ever
::started reading A Glass Castle and am intrigued
::snuggled with my sawyer...he is a champion snuggler!
::had a little date night with my sweetie...watched our good friend Chris Eldredge sing in his barbershop chorus. loved it!
::did some window shopping with my peeps at the bookstore
::got a carolyn fix...her "auntie mame" does love her so!
::poured through homeschooling materials and blog posts...do we or don't we, that is the question.
::thanked my Father in Heaven for life, freedom, and my loves
::loved a great deal and laughed all along the way

what was your weekend?

03 August 2010

on a tuesday

on a tuesday i awoke before everyone else to listen to the quiet...just me and my thoughts

i realized that i needed to let my light shine for others to find theirs

i took a morning walk with cru and had a talk with my chooks...more eggs please even though i know it is hot

pictures of my sweet Carolyn danced through my mind and i smiled

reading through a chapter in a book a friend felt i would like, i was grateful for the conveniences i have for those who came before us had it so very hard

my freezer went out so i have blueberries to jam or jelly or...

and a turkey to roast along with chicken & pork tenderloin

i pondered how my cup runneth over so

on this tuesday

i am grateful for

spending hours upon hours with my peeps

the new life in our family...sweet Carolyn

lunch with my gal pals....i do so love Goodfella's

spanish class

summer reads

how about you?