11 August 2010

am a fan

::am a fan of summer reading lists....there are some great ideas for the kiddos here

::am a fan of blogs written by moms...fabulous inspiration from this mom, and this one, oh and this one too

::am a fan of exploring homeschool options...is it a fit for us

::am a fan of spanish class...muy bien 

::am a fan of yummy recipes...perfect for trying out my pasta maker

::am a fan tire swings

::am a fan of good books that are turned into good movies...looking forward to a fab date night starting with pasta @ Goodfella's and then the movie!

::am a fan this rug...not sure i can live without it

::am a fan of learning new things...trying even though it scares me like crazy

::am a fan of my newest Twitter account i am following...this is super cool

::am a fan of the fact that sawyer is excited to have these in his lunch kit this year

::am a fan of being happy with who i am not who others think i should be.

what are you a fan of?

1 comment:

  1. I just LOVE your lists!

    I'm a fan of:
    -online friends with neat blogs (you!)
    -toobin' on the Guadalupe
    -finding unexpected treasures
    -new beginnings and continued inspiration.