28 May 2010

this moment

this moment

a friday ritual
one photo, no words.
a moment from the week
that precious is to me.

26 May 2010

10 right now

summer reading lists
strawberry popsicles
beach days
sharing pizzas with my pals
my sweet sadie & sage
the prospect of some new bookish friends
pink lip gloss
flip flops
family photos
planning summer fun with my peeps


the soundtrack of my day

25 May 2010


saturday morning 3 of the bonins were up and at em like no body's business. the day had finally come....the downtown beaumont farmer's market. we had a great time. we got some yummy veggies that we aren't growing right now and local beef!! i have been searching high and low for local beef and found none. i mean this is texas...home of the longhorn. and longhorn is what is in my freezer right now waiting for burger friday. there was a local duo singing and playing drums. since sawyer had his harmonica naturally he played along with them....at a safe distance for all. he and i did some exploring downtown with camera in hand while dad hung out on a bench people watching. we spent so time exploring we almost missed story time. the morning ended perfectly with sawyer getting a tomato plant for this summer's kid contest....thank you Greg Bostwick for growing 50 plants for the 1st fifty kids! it was a fab morning. can't wait to do it again this weekend.

24 May 2010

today's harvest

today's harvest

gardening and raising chickens, ducks, children. these are things of the pioneers....of my pioneer heritage. i come from a mother and great grandmother who lived their lives in this tradition. many times my dinners were what was ripe in the garden. my breakfasts of eggs from our own chickens. that garden, that organic garden was a joy to my mother (she was organic & homeopathic when it wasn't cool). thankfully, she passed that to me. i never fully understood what something as simple as a garden and a few hens could mean until now. it is feeding my family. a service of love and devotion from my hands to their souls. it is a relationship with our food. mindful not mindless eating. i think of the passages in Cold Mountain where Inman comes across the lady with the goats. she loved them and they her. she respected them for the sustenance they were. lovingly she milked them and she carefully let the life from them when she needed to eat them. mindful.

the buddy club graduates

it seems impossible. my baby has graduated from kindergarten. though i think it is silly to graduate from kindergarten...that is another post for another time. i have to admit the tears did come. in the matter of 2 weeks he turns 6 years old, he ends his kindergarten career and loses his first tooth. almost too much for a mama to handle. the graduation ceremony was precious. the children sang, there was a video (well mostly, the computer malfunctioned) and this was all done Texas style, of course....it was a western theme. sawyer and his buddy club had a fun evening. they love each other and i love that.

the buddy club...Texas style

21 May 2010

this moment

this moment
a friday ritual
one photo, no words.
a moment from the week
that precious is to me.

18 May 2010

a day in the life

* sunshine * birds serenading * dogs swimming in the pond * mrs. dalloway * egg gathering * quiet * physicals for scout high adventure camp * chatting * school * fishing * ponytails * NPR *
laundry * couch time with my honey * laughs * burgers & fries * egg delivering * beetle catching *phone conversation with my dad * dreaming of vacations * pondering * smiling * living*
this is a glimpse of my day. an ordinary day that is extraordinary to me. in my world the secret of a happy life is finding joy in the everyday. NPR playing a sonata calms my spirit. chatting with one of my peeps fills my soul. watching the dogs swim in the pond and chase squirrels puts a smile on my face. these are a few of my favorite things.

today's harvest
our newest baby chicks
from our very own eggs

sawyer and his "yoka" poses

for reasons known only to him he chose to practice on the old work truck

the face of a boy who has played his little heart out today

mom: "you are one dirty guy"

sawyer: "yep, it was fun!"

17 May 2010

this weekend

this weekend was fantastic chaos for the bonin bunch. i love when everyone has something fun to do! it is always better when the spice of life is something muey caliente like cayenne. friday night was perfect. we had my peeps favorite dinner of spaghetti and meatballs coupled with a movie. saturday is when the games really began. cameron had a yard to mow and another job later that afternoon. sawyer had a birthday party (another of the buddies from the buddy club turned 6). it was the best party ever! bobby had a pirate birthday filled with patches & earrings and even a most awesome treasure hunt....great job mr. woody. sawyer came home with buried treasure in his own wooden treasure chest. so neat. then it was my turn. i helped throw my sweet sister in law erin's baby shower. what a time we had. my brother...aka bobby flay...made us pulled pork, baked beans, and super yummy chipolte potato salad. i might have brought home a to go plate or two. that is the perks of being the aunt. the night ended with my picking jordan & cameron up at a stake dance that night. boy were we tired. but it was a good...great tired.
while all that joy filled my life, there was another mama that had her's taken away. a friend of my jordan was killed in an auto accident friday night. she was a kind, happy 16 year old softball playing junior in high school. in an instant lives where changed forever on a rainy highway on a run of the mill friday night. my heart breaks for them. the pain, the sorrow, that empty lonely feeling you get when you lose part of your heart. i have thought of that mama this weekend. there have been many trips down the hall just to lay eyes on my own peeps and maybe a text or 3 just to say i heart you. i know that mama wishes for just one more chance to do the same. may that mama find peace......may we all.

14 May 2010

this moment

this moment

a friday ritual
one photo, no words.
a moment from the week that precious is to me.

12 May 2010


i have so much to smile about. i thought i would share the reasons with you.

  • the weather is fabulous. the sky is beautifully blue with clouds lazily floating by. the breeze is just enough to keep me cool. LOVE this weather.
  • spent the morning with kevin and sawyer at the park. sawyer played with his buddies. we visited with one of my bestest besties. and of course we had an awesome picnic. what is better than a picnic??
  • we are on the count down till school ends. i am so ready for my guys to be home and the summer to begin.
  • homemade popsicles. yum!
  • my garden is growing as it should. tomatoes will be ripe in about 2 weeks and my corn is looking awesome!
  • summer reading list. that is a post for itself. i LOVE a summer reading list.
  • Kevin's 7 day stretches off. we can go on some mini vacays each month of summer. i am thinking a camping trip up north a little in our future!
  • my peeps....nothing makes me smile like my guys!

10 May 2010


Sawyer Tate Bonin turned six years old. It seems only yesterday that he was a tiny little guy in the NICU holding on to dear life. Now he lives life to the fullest. Happy birthday my sweet boy.
  • inquisitive...always searching for the how, the why.
  • creative...in play, in clothing choices, in the arts.
  • spiritual...you are a child of God and you know, you love it.
  • energetic...where does that energy come from? to be sit back and watch your energy...your enthusiasm is a joy.
  • friendly...a friend to all. willing to give that flashy smile and a giggle. forever sharing and up for anything. you are an example to us all.
  • individual...you are your own kind of guy and you love that. i love that also. i love that you wear the clothes you like, listen to the music you like, and eat what you like...no matter what others say or think. i love that you are a 5 no 6 year old little guy that asked for bongos, a pair of Toms shoes, and a magnifying glass for your birthday......true to your own self!

I love you my little buddy. Happy birthday.

04 May 2010

she was

today marks the second anniversary of my sweet mother's death. i would love to share pictures of her. she was beautiful. however, my scanner bit the dust and the pics my brother emailed me didn't come so those will have to follow later. so for now i will share a bit about Patsy Elizabeth Harrison Peters.

*she was an organic gardener with a green thumb

*she had amazing faith in Heavenly Father and never wavered in it

*she LOVED to talk and did as often and as long as possible

*she was devoted to her children and grandchildren.....they were her life

*she was an excellent cook but an amazing baker...a baker of cakes that she gave to others often

*she lead with compassion in all she did

*she was sentimental

*she was a southern belle that kept red polish on her nails and curls in her hair

*she was loved

02 May 2010

again i ask who gave him permission?

jordan went to his junior prom with his sweet lindsey this weekend. watching him gather his things to get ready, i could not believe he is that old. just yesterday my sweet boy always smiling was playing 4 square with his friends and becoming completely offended when a 4th grader referred to him and his third grade gang as turd graders. where did that little guy go? he has gone down the right path i am happy to report. he is a good boy. one that is kind and chivalrous...always holding a door open for a lady. one that is trustworthy and obedient. driving through town just after jordan and lindsey left for the prom, i saw 2 car loads of other prom goers stop at the liquor store on their way out. i said a silent prayer of gratitude that my child has chosen the path that does not include those kinds of decisions. one who has wonderful friends that support one another by all choosing the right and one who has chosen a kind, obedient, modest girl who loves the Lord to spend his time with. they are one cute couple!

jordan & brad

best buds since being born 7 days apart.

again i ask....who gave him permission to grow up?

01 May 2010

hello may

may is one of my favorite months. school is coming to an end so that means it is starting at home with me. fun things to learn. to create. to visit. to become. it is breezy and sunny, warm and cool. there is a yin and yang to may. new flowers, new vegetables coming from the earth. new baby chicks too. may is the month when i spring clean, can have my laundry on the line daily, and bake springy goodness...lemon madelines, teacakes, and madarin orange cakes. it is a book on a blanket under a tree and nature walk after school. it is 18 holes on the golf course and lemonade on the front porch.
this may i hope to::

*whittle down the stack of books on my night table
*sew new pillows for the living room
*reorganize the laundry room closet
*dive deeper into Ephesians
*fill my freezer with dinners for busy nights
*go hiking in the big thicket with my peeps
*have more girl's nights out
*date my fab husband