12 May 2010


i have so much to smile about. i thought i would share the reasons with you.

  • the weather is fabulous. the sky is beautifully blue with clouds lazily floating by. the breeze is just enough to keep me cool. LOVE this weather.
  • spent the morning with kevin and sawyer at the park. sawyer played with his buddies. we visited with one of my bestest besties. and of course we had an awesome picnic. what is better than a picnic??
  • we are on the count down till school ends. i am so ready for my guys to be home and the summer to begin.
  • homemade popsicles. yum!
  • my garden is growing as it should. tomatoes will be ripe in about 2 weeks and my corn is looking awesome!
  • summer reading list. that is a post for itself. i LOVE a summer reading list.
  • Kevin's 7 day stretches off. we can go on some mini vacays each month of summer. i am thinking a camping trip up north a little in our future!
  • my peeps....nothing makes me smile like my guys!


  1. Today was a PERFECT day for the park. Glad our boys are friends. Hey I think I am going to start my own "Buddy Club" all you have to do is be nice to me. :) I am soooo glad that I have been honored the chance to know you, I think you and Kevin are really cool people, love you girlie!!

  2. awww. it was fun. count me in as a charter member of the mom's buddy club. lets have our first meeting soon!

  3. I just love summer reading lists! Can't wait to see yours :-)