25 May 2010


saturday morning 3 of the bonins were up and at em like no body's business. the day had finally come....the downtown beaumont farmer's market. we had a great time. we got some yummy veggies that we aren't growing right now and local beef!! i have been searching high and low for local beef and found none. i mean this is texas...home of the longhorn. and longhorn is what is in my freezer right now waiting for burger friday. there was a local duo singing and playing drums. since sawyer had his harmonica naturally he played along with them....at a safe distance for all. he and i did some exploring downtown with camera in hand while dad hung out on a bench people watching. we spent so time exploring we almost missed story time. the morning ended perfectly with sawyer getting a tomato plant for this summer's kid contest....thank you Greg Bostwick for growing 50 plants for the 1st fifty kids! it was a fab morning. can't wait to do it again this weekend.

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  1. I want to go buy some fruit. Do they have berries? I NEED some.