01 May 2010

hello may

may is one of my favorite months. school is coming to an end so that means it is starting at home with me. fun things to learn. to create. to visit. to become. it is breezy and sunny, warm and cool. there is a yin and yang to may. new flowers, new vegetables coming from the earth. new baby chicks too. may is the month when i spring clean, can have my laundry on the line daily, and bake springy goodness...lemon madelines, teacakes, and madarin orange cakes. it is a book on a blanket under a tree and nature walk after school. it is 18 holes on the golf course and lemonade on the front porch.
this may i hope to::

*whittle down the stack of books on my night table
*sew new pillows for the living room
*reorganize the laundry room closet
*dive deeper into Ephesians
*fill my freezer with dinners for busy nights
*go hiking in the big thicket with my peeps
*have more girl's nights out
*date my fab husband

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