27 April 2011

10 right now::

  1. rain...its a good thing!
  2. this website
  3. warm breezy afternoons on the front porch
  4. dinner out with besties
  5. this song that is on a constant loop on my ipod
  6. this Lisa Leonard must have. and this one too.
  7. Twitter...@StephFromTexas
  8. this cute ensemble...thinking it will be my Summer uniform
  9. flip flops
  10. blog stalking...this fab one. this too sweet one too. 

what are you digging right now?

24 April 2011


this weekend was
a sleep in kind of 3 day weekend.
we slept way too late Friday & Saturday
but it was oh so needed.
there were egg hunts
lots and lots of softball playing
Saturday afternoon BBQs at the sister in law's house
complete with a long drive contest with the cousins
and basketball games too.
watching Hangover for the millionth time with my mister
cooking of turkeys...Spring style
roasting of asparagus...straight from my garden (yay!).
Sunday brought a drive to Vinton
my mister's sweet little grandmother
89 years young
along with that turkey & asparagus was my fave rice dressing.
more cousins
more egg hunts
remembering of the sacrifice our Savior made for us...As He bled through every pore.
taking a moment to really ponder what that means.

what was your weekend?

**I am linking up with the ever so fabulous Amanda**

How great

How great the sacrifice.
How great the love.
How grateful I am.

Wishing you all a very happy Easter.

17 April 2011


(photo credit)
this weekend was nice and slow.
the mister had to work all weekend. date consisted of a quick run to the local bbq joint for steaks. but it was a cherished hour indeed.
Saturday started late. slept in to the unbelievably late hour of 8am.
laundry, meals, snacks, and forest fires. yes, a huge forest fire. it has burned over 5,000 acres so far. including some of my beloved Big Thicket. it is terrible.
watched this movie. it delightfully surprised me. the story and characters were more 3 dimensional than i expected. a tear or two might have found their way down my cheek.
spent way too much time on Pinterest. i might be a bit obsessed.
a little reading of this. and a study of Hebrews that i am devouring. learning more about Gideon. pondering that it is not the amount of perseverance that i have, it is what i do with it.
i HAVE to remember that.

how was your weekend?

16 April 2011

10 right now::

  • Pinterest.com...inspiration!
  • photos...especially from this fantastic eye.
  • homemade yogurt popsicles
  • listening to these guys daily. and these.
  • Jackie O sunglasses 
  • Chanel no. 5
  • heirloom tomatoes...Mr. Stripeys!
  • flip flops
  • turquoise & orange
  • pecks on the cheek

and one to grow on:: dates with the mister.

    15 April 2011

    this moment

    one photo ...no words
    one i want to savor   to remember always
    one that makes me smile

    13 April 2011

    right now: i am...

    having the best time with this guy. it has been a joy to watch him grow and mature. 
    even though it is his first year in Little League, he has taught his teammates by instruction and by example. a thrill for this LL veteran mom to sit back and just enjoy.

    12 April 2011

    bonin farm daybook

    Outside my window... ~the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and a breeze is blowing. it is beautiful!

    I am thinking... ~how much better i feel with this weight loss.

    I am thankful for... ~that i have my great grandmother's quilts to snuggle under. so loved Nadine.

    I am wearing... ~black tee, jeans, flip flops

    I am remembering... ~what it was like to be a senior in high school. just how difficult it is to choose a college. a path.

    I am going... ~no where, if i can help it!

    I am currently reading... ~ Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand  little by little Court!

    I am hoping... ~to get more time to read. i have never had this much trouble finding time.

    On my mind... ~Summer vacation destinations

    Noticing that... ~my sweet Cameron is turning into a man.

    Pondering these words...~A true random act of kindness is one where you do not get noticed for the kindness you spread or did. Be kind for each act creates a rippling effect that is endless.

    In the kitchen... ~more grilling, lots of lemonade, and board games. in the freezer...3 of our guinea hens and 1 rooster.

    Creating...~special moments with each peep.

    Around the house... ~landscaping, gardening, and mountains of laundry to be hung on my new clothesline. well new to me sort of. it was my mother's. have been hanging clothes with it since i was a child.

    One of my favorite things... ~afternoon snack & chat with the peeps.

    A picture memory to share...~
    Sawyer holding the game ball he earned at last night's game.

    He LOVES his 1st year of baseball.

    10 April 2011


    Jordan at District Golf Tournament 

    Cameron at the District Golf Tournament

    this weekend i...
    lost mislaid my camera cord...hence the IPhone photos above
    watched my garden grow. please hurry tomatoes. i so want to eat you in a sandwich.
    read a little. which is a total miracle these days.
    went to bed early and awoke way too early.
    Saturday's early rising was for a great cause. i took a road trip with my sweet Cameron. we went to the Texas A&M Veterinary School Open House. and i didn't even spontaneously combust when i stepped on to the campus. please would my beloved University of Texas build a Vet School?? in any case, he LOVED it. we saw everything. even a live surgery on a basset hound. very impressive.
    on that road trip i saw fields and fields of bluebonnets. so beautiful. so majestic.
    while i was gone Sawyer played baseball. thank you Jordan for being the kind of son that i can trust with not even a thought of a worry to take care of your brother. my first baseman is over the moon about his first year of Little League. it has been a blast!
    Sunday has brought a serene peaceful day. i oh so heart Sundays like this. mornings with my church family and afternoons with my peeps.
    and i am ready to do all again next weekend.

    how was your weekend?

    09 April 2011

    since i've been gone

    i have been laughing and crying. watching and reading (a teeny bit). pondering and more pondering. and......

    • hiking as much as possible
    • searching until my eyes are about to cross for homeschool curriculum 
    • watching 2 HS peeps play golf
    • watching a little peep play baseball
    • not making it to book club (i suck!)
    • not letting people provoke a reaction out of me
    • not sweating the small stuff
    • checking out some zoo animals
    • checking out Veterinary School with my Cameron
    • supporting Jordan in his college choices
    • planting Spring flowers
    • visiting little Cajun great aunts...boy is she great!
    • finding out a great deal about myself
    • and loosing 22 lbs. so far. only 18 more to go. ugh!

    i have missed you my sweet friends. i needed some time to process some things and be silent a while. hopefully i am back now. 
    what has been going on in your world???

    a little been gone music for you.