24 April 2012

long time no see

your eyes do not deceive you...i am back. its been a long, hard, character building 9 months my peeps. i may be a little rougher around the edges, but i stronger for these trials. i won't bore you with too much detail. the Cliff Notes version:: i had a hysterectomy due to a "fibroid filled uterus & tumors on my ovaries which led to finding tumors on my thyroid. then a mass on the inside of my leg. in the midst of those surgeries, i became separated. that's right, i am a single mom. ugh! the latest is a brain tumor was detected 3 weeks ago. enough drama for you? well me too! don't shed tears for me though. it hasn't been all bad. i have come out the other side of this stronger and smarter than going in. i have learned lessons that needed to be learned and gone back to my roots that made me who i am. so..... that is what i've been up to. here is what 
i am currently ::

  1. listening...Jacqueline Kennedy:Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy
  2. wearing...flip flops!! and my handmade jewelery

  3. eating...obsessed with pesto pizzas, never passing up a good burger, and baking bread.
  4. feeling...overwhelmed, afraid, yet strong & much loved
  5. weather...beautiful. sunny. perfect.
  6. reading...Gone With the Wind  again.
  7. wanting...ice cream maker (mine died), to make the perfect biscuit, and to spend many days with my guys.
  8. needing...a good attitude, more patience, and more chickens
  9. thinking...that i have the absolute best friends a girl can have
  10. enjoying...my kitchen. my boys. my sweet friends. my life.