28 October 2009

what has been going on around here

::book club...last night was my book club meeting. as usual, it was the highlight of my month. i am in awe of these special ladies, each one different and all equally fantastic. these amazing women gleaning a different prospective from the reading and sharing it in a unique way. it is amazing how we go from deep insights to rolling on the floor laughing in seconds...i thought poor Brenda Vaughn was going to need oxygen when Laura and I talked about our weekend trip...bathrooms and such!

::halloween...Sawyer could not be more excited about trunk or treat. he wanted to go as gumbo (our rooster) but there wasn't a chicken costume to be had in his size. so he is a dragon and a more enthusiastic dragon there can not be. i love to see these glimpses of life through his 5 year old eyes. always full of wonder and a sense of newness. i love that kid.
Cameron is ready as well. he and cullen (cam's best bud) have planned many different costumes....possibly a Hagrid costume in the making. i can't wait to see what they come up with. those 2 are their own little selves. what a wonderful thing it is to have 3 boys that march to their own beat and are proud of it....i am proud of them!

::dentist...poor Kevin has to have a root canal. he has been battling this tooth for a month. i will be glad for him to feel normal again. i don't know how he has functioned with tooth pain...i would have crawled up in a ball somewhere long ago.

::cross country...Cameron has his district cross country meet today. he has practiced and practiced. he runs after school with his team and then will come home and run some more. that determined boy has worked so very hard...run like the wind my sweet boy!

::drama...jordan has been ecstatic about his theatre arts II class this year. every single day he has the class, he comes home, eyes ablaze with an animated, exciting story to tell. he has been working on a skit for "scary stories", an annual presentation for the town children just before halloween. they performed for the Silsbee Little Theater group on Sunday and will for the town children Thursday night. what a blessing to watch your child to be so happy in his life.

::Julia Child Birthday Celebration...STOKED! i can not wait for my friend Chris Eldredge's birthday bash on Saturday. his fab wife Laura gifted him Mastering the Art of French Cooking and The Way to Cook by Julia Child. they have asked me to come cook some Julia wonderfulness with Chris on Saturday to be served at a dinner party that night. it is going to more of a present for me than Chris i think....what fun!

::baking...i have to bake 8 dozen cookies and icing for Sawyer's Fall Festival tomorrow morning. for tonight's trunk or treat and cake walk, its more cookies and a cake. so i better get back in the kitchen.

our Halloween plans are made and being carried out.....what are yours?

23 October 2009

a wonderful gift

this morning we got a wonderful gift.the girls finally came through. cameron found our very first egg while feeding. we are completely excited. the day is fast approaching when we get all our eggs from our fantastic girls!

seeing this egg in the straw took me back to my childhood. i can see the 9 year old stephanie gathering the days eggs from our chickens. my mother was the original organic gardener and homesteader. she loved her chickens and rabbits and the beautiful dark, rich soil after it had been freshly tilled. i can see her face like it was yesterday when her troy-bilt tiller, and it had to be troy-bilt, came in from her mail order. i will be forever grateful for her teaching me the joys and beauties of this way of life. watching her at her sewing machine, helping her with the canning of our vegetables and fruits, and seeing the tenderness she took with the animals....always thinking of more animals we could add...all the while knowing just how important it was to her to live this way. these are lessons that are in my heart and ever in my mind. just like this morning's egg, they were wonderful gifts. how grateful i am that she was on this earth long enough to teach me the importance of these things.

21 October 2009

10 things

::bluebirdbaby .......i love a daily dose of peace & love

::snuggling under my great grandmother's quilt with a feverish little fellow

::pots of yummy soup simmering on the stove to welcome this Autumn

::trips to the library.....what is better than some quiet time in a good library?

::my jordan's smile and his enthusiasm for life

::anticipating our double i mean triple date this friday to see this movie

::sitting in the grass with & watching my chickens graze in the afternoon

::christmas gift projects

::nighttime rides with cameron and the interesting conversations we have

::this song

what is making you happy?

11 October 2009


::historical homes tour with my pal
::talks with cameron
::church with my sweet family
::crisp autumn mornings & cool breezes
::surprise package of pjs from arkansas
::yummy couscous salad
::gumbo & meat pies
::blue cardigan love

happy october