30 September 2012


this weekend was simply convalescing 
of course the pain meds helped after surgery
but what has been the saving grace is the love & comfort...
my sweet friend of 30 years Laura, surprised me with polenta vegetable soup, cheesecake brownies, and a big hug. she fed my stomach, soothed my throat sore from that awful tube, and fed my soul. 
two of my mother's close friends we at the hospital with Kevin & I. 
Brenda (Laura's mother) and Vanessa brought me hand holding and hugs, and even beautiful RL pajamas. i needed my mama that day and they were surrogates. i love them so.
i have even been visited by Tank. yes, i said Tank, the goat came into my room to check on me. how lucky can a girl get? 
Cruella has been my constant companion especially now that she got hurt. my poor girl ran into Kevin's huge shop fan and has a terrible gash on her hip. naturally a sick bed made of my childhood Raggedy Ann and Andy sheets were in order. 
Sawyer has been my ever present entertainment. i have been read to, fed, sang to, reported to of all the goings on & adventures i have missed, and i might have heard "hey watch this" a few million times. he was even kind enough to leave that darn rat in my sick bed to give me a fright...and him a giggle.
this month has been a trial for me. from brain tumor checks, thyroid tumor checks, tests, doctor appointments, and now surgery. i have weathered it all because of one constant::my sweet mister. he has cooked, cleaned, shuttled, food shopped, held my hand, let me cry on his shoulder, showered me with flowers, books and sweet whispers in my ear.
a girl couldn't ask for a better nurse.
thank you my love....to the moon and back!

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29 September 2012

10 right now...

::flowers from my mister to make a girl feel better
::Ben & Jerry's blueberry graham fro yo...yum!
::vintage silver...a gift from my mister from one of my favorite stores.
::reading this and this
::taking photographs
::homeschool...i am in LOVE with our choice to homeschool
::holding hands
::Master Gardener class...that has been a goal of mine since i was a teenager (yes i have been a nerd from way on back!)
::staying in...with my peeps, loving life

28 September 2012

while i convalesce...

i am reading my 2 new reads...any other suggestions? i have six weeks of recovery.
i am catching up on letters that have long been neglected
i am doing some homeschool planning...a few projects in the works!
i am on the receiving end of much love. it humbles me that you sweet peeps are texting, calling, emailing, tweeting, messaging, and visiting me with such love and care. my cup over floweth.
i am listening...to my Jack Johnson & Norah Jones, to my 3 little peeps telling me of adventures i am already missing out on, to my sweet Kevin making sure i don't lift a finger, and to nature going on outside my window.
i am doing some personal planning...is there a new path i want to take? dare i say it out loud, am i going to write?  hmmm
i am missing my mama so much it is hard to breathe. don't we all need our mamas when we are sick?
i am thankful for all i have...it's not  things that are the best things in life.

this moment

one photo ... no words
a moment i want to savor   to remember always
a moment that makes me smile

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17 September 2012

and it begins...

i am just checking in my lovelies. here i sit with all the other sicklies, feet up, bracelets, iPads in tow, waiting our turn.
happy monday to you all.

07 September 2012

this moment

one photo ... no words
a moment i want to savor   to remember always
a moment that makes me smile

02 September 2012


this weekend was introspective for me. taking a deep look at myself.
there was a great deal of quiet time with Kevin working, Jordan at the beach for the holiday weekend, and Cameron busy with cross country & working at the auto shop. Sawyer and I had lots of one on one time. 
we read and baked and drove over to feed the goat...can't wait to get him on the property neXt week.
i spent time in my garden when it wasn't storming. Kevin's beautifully prolific watermelon vine is taking over EVERYthing! It keeps creeping over to my fall tomatoes and squash trying to choke them out. Grrr!
since we have a 4 day weekend, tomorrow will round it out nicely. all my peeps will be back in my nest. hiking in the Big Thicket, pork loin on the grill, and loads of board games and belly laughs are on the agenda...and a few prayers for my silly claustrophobia as i prepare for an MRI/CT Scan for the brain tumor. i am waaaay more worried about the test than the tumor my friends.  

how was your weekend??

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