30 September 2012


this weekend was simply convalescing 
of course the pain meds helped after surgery
but what has been the saving grace is the love & comfort...
my sweet friend of 30 years Laura, surprised me with polenta vegetable soup, cheesecake brownies, and a big hug. she fed my stomach, soothed my throat sore from that awful tube, and fed my soul. 
two of my mother's close friends we at the hospital with Kevin & I. 
Brenda (Laura's mother) and Vanessa brought me hand holding and hugs, and even beautiful RL pajamas. i needed my mama that day and they were surrogates. i love them so.
i have even been visited by Tank. yes, i said Tank, the goat came into my room to check on me. how lucky can a girl get? 
Cruella has been my constant companion especially now that she got hurt. my poor girl ran into Kevin's huge shop fan and has a terrible gash on her hip. naturally a sick bed made of my childhood Raggedy Ann and Andy sheets were in order. 
Sawyer has been my ever present entertainment. i have been read to, fed, sang to, reported to of all the goings on & adventures i have missed, and i might have heard "hey watch this" a few million times. he was even kind enough to leave that darn rat in my sick bed to give me a fright...and him a giggle.
this month has been a trial for me. from brain tumor checks, thyroid tumor checks, tests, doctor appointments, and now surgery. i have weathered it all because of one constant::my sweet mister. he has cooked, cleaned, shuttled, food shopped, held my hand, let me cry on his shoulder, showered me with flowers, books and sweet whispers in my ear.
a girl couldn't ask for a better nurse.
thank you my love....to the moon and back!

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  1. so happy you are surrounded by such love and comfort! i wish i lived close enough to come and bring food :)

  2. I do not have my mom anymore and I totally get wanting her when your under the weather! Glad you had some friends to step in and mother you :)

  3. sounds and looks like you've got some great family and friends surround you :) and a goat?? cool!