02 October 2012

right now...

Right now, I am....
::obediently on my bed with cross stitch in hand. it has been far too long since i worked with needle & floss.
:: riding the wave of goodness that comes after surgery. i have been feeling love & comfort from so many sweet souls.
:: hearing Sawyer walk his goat, Tank in the back yard. it is music to my ears.
:: smelling spaghetti and meatballs lovingly prepared by the hands of my first born. i am truly blessed to have Jordan here with me while recover.
:: wanting to go.anywhere. and do something!!
:: adoring our choice to homeschool. our lives have been changed for the good...forever.
:: growing anxious for a package to arrive. i am finally going to teach myself to knit! hurry my little how to book!
:: reading a great deal...everything Charlotte Mason, Project-Based Homeschooling, Northanger Abbey, and Team of Rivals
:: loving my Master Gardener course. i am learning and sharing and making friendships.
:: feeling grateful that i can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
:: listening to Norah Jones these days.
:: making lists for me, lists for Christmas, lists for easy dinners for Kevin & the boys to prepare, lists of things i want to master. i adore a good list.
:: counting the moments until Downton Abbey returns...and until i can be fully mobile.
::loving deeper and deeper my sweet mister and that is home with us to stay. my world was a dark, sad place without his smile. 
:: sending love, warmth, and good wishes to each of you my peeps! 


  1. that’s quite a list. :)

    we can’t wait for downton abbey to come back! :D

  2. That is a great list Stephanie. I know the feeling about just wanting to get out and do something, I hope you can soon. Take care of yourself.