03 October 2012


sitting here in my usual perch, since the surgery anyway, i am noticing. noticing the breeze rustle the trees from my window view. out of doors looks amazing these days.
noticing the slight hum of the air conditioner that is still needed a bit here in the deep south. 
noticing all the little comforts that Kevin has made sure i have as he has had to return to work. being as my world has been contained to home, namely our room, he continually makes it more comfortable, even more of a home. i notice that he works all night long, checking on me through out the night, to come home and take on my normal duties. i watch as he cooks, cleans, plans, organizes, and tends. i am in awe of him. this man who tries to do it all...and more often than not succeeds. a simple bowl of beef tips and a ginger ale, a fresh folded stack of laundry, a gentle hand to ease me up from bed, a garden watered or eggs gathered. service. compassion. simple acts with greater meaning.

i love you too Kevin.


  1. It really is nice to travel this world with a soulmate and it sounds like you have a wonderful one!

  2. I love you too baby. I just hope you get better soon, I know you don't like being in bed all day. Thank you

  3. Well I don't know about everyone else but I keep reading this post! I'm just trying to do what you would, but I know I could never do the work of a mom. (Its just to much for a normal person.)
    You make our family who we are, do get better soon. Love you