18 October 2012

measuring up

where do i start?
so much rolling around in this brain of mine. i have that measuring tape that i carry around with me.
the one that measures me up against it all. the one that gives the dimensions of who i am supposed to be...wife, mother, daughter, sister, daughter, friend, teacher, keeper of our home, nurturer.
 it has that mark just as Mary Poppins's did that reads perfectly perfect in every way. that particular mark seems to evade me.
this past year i have taken out that measuring tape quite often.
and a mirror along with it. i look deep, deep in the reflection staring back at me.
who is this woman with grey showing on her temples and small wrinkles around her eyes? she has changed since her first discovery of tumors, her marriage fell apart, and then came back together. she thinks she has evolved for the better...certainly that was the goal.
but still, somehow, she just doesn't feel she measures up.
so i will move forward. one step in front of the other.
always striving to be that better wife, mother, and friend.
striving to teach the lessons that need to be taught.
striving to make our house a home in every way possible.
striving to be the best me i can be...and to leave that measuring tape in it's drawer.


  1. it's really hard to deal with that measuring tape, Stephanie... I hear "not enough" in my head all the time. *hugs*

  2. Not only do you measure up, but you extend the tape in the minds of those who love you. Oh great, not my complex is worse. ;) Love you. Rofl

  3. my measuring tape says you’re wonderful. xoxoxo

  4. I often wonder if it is all these "perfect blogs" that cause us to doubt who we are. Remember, it is who we are in Christ that matters:-) Praying for you!