28 July 2012

forty is...

...knowing that forever love, like the tortoise, wins the race. that love isn't always easy or fair or fun but the reward is oh so sweet. i forever love my sweet mister.

...knowing the value of making a good loaf of crusty bread or a lovely roast & gravy or the perfect cake for my friends and family.

...knowing books to share with my beloved book club.

...knowing that perfect shade of understated pink gloss. and the worth of the smile it brings to my face.

...knowing that my small circle of true friends are more valuable than gold.
   i love you Keisha.
   i love you Laura.
   i love you Shanna.

....knowing that no matter how wrong a day goes, one egg fresh from the nest and one slice of bread makes a Hen in the Nest and that makes comfort.

...knowing that the fear of other's opinion is a prison that i will no longer reside in.

...knowing that counting my blessings is essential.

...knowing that i should be more compassionate like my mother...more dinner for those who are sick, more letters to my friends & family, more cakes to those who are having a special day or just a sad one.

...knowing that i have mastered the art of laundry, of the perfect roasted chicken (rosemary & lemon!), of how to cut an avocado, of how to bandage a boy's knee, of when to stop and read a story to a sweet little face and all those other things that a mother & wife learns.

...knowing this 40 has been learning and growing.
what will the next 40 be?

27 July 2012

this moment

one photo ... no words
a moment i want to savor   to remember always
a moment that makes me smile

16 July 2012

a monday morning

oh how lovely is the morning. finally the sun is shining again on the Bonin farm. and its Monday! i love a Monday. a clean slate. a blank sheet of paper for a new list. we all know my obsession with lists. today's list is a to-do list getting ready for our road trip. we are heading to one of my favorite spots on the earth, Eureka Springs. that fantastic town is filled with great food (almost no fast food at all there!), fun shopping, street performers on every corner, plenty of hiking & natural sight seeing, and my dad. i get to spend a couple of days with my daddy. and the very best of all is my Jordan is coming home after spending the summer working with PaPa Jay acting in The Great Passion Play. this proud mama will get to watch them both on this trip...and one 8 yr old will get to guest star (or be an extra) during that show. but even though that all sounds wonderful, the best part is Gazebo Books. That will be my first stop. I love these two sweet sisters and their most exquisite taste in books.

i am off to plan and prepare.
happy Monday my lovelies.

15 July 2012


this weekend was straight up wet!
it has rained for days which means we have been indoors for days
we have watched more than a few movies... loved this
watched this again
books and stories galore
i am enjoying this
and started this
Sawyer is devouring his Spiderman comics (my own little Dr Sheldon Cooper)
and starting something new tonight with mom...maybe The Borrowers???
my sweet Cameron didn't let the weather stop his training
running and more running for that guy
the kitchen has been in full swing
these boys are eating us out of house and home
Cruella got a much needed grooming
a little bit of junkin did get squeezed in though
what's a weekend without junkin???

How was yours?

linking up with the ever wonderful amanda

11 July 2012


dear my sweet Laura...you have been one of my closet friends since, well longer than i can remember. i adore that we can talk about ALL things that are me. I mean who else sends me a message "How are you celebrating Julia's birthday?" And it be perfectly normal to me...and that I knew you meant Julia Child. I love you!!

dear Carolyn...my heart breaks that you are growing up and Auntie Mame is missing it. you are too cute and smart for words!!

dear Doris Kearns Goodwin...you are amazingly talented. thank you for Team of Rivals.

dear Marion Cunningham...may you rest in peace. i learned so much from you during your time on this earth. you reminded us how important the family meal is.

dear mister...planning our anniversary trip is so fun. I. CANNOT. WAIT. I love you BIG BIG.

01 July 2012


this weekend was junkin
and finding the perfect set of doors for my headboard...track they hang from to be installed when the hubs is off.
it was sanding and painting and planning and smiling
smiling because i adore making junk into something beautiful
beautiful to me
rain kept us indoors a bit
there was a busy summer kitchen rather than summer grill
chicken etouffee and a burger night...love a burger from my cast iron skillet
a new book was started
new books added to my to-read list
pod racing was watched and immitated
caught up with Newsroom with my mister...Aaron Sorkin has done it again
and most importantly the lastest episode of my beloved Junk Gypsies
i adore those girls
games were played
smiles & belly laughs
hugs & kisses
it was a great weekend

How about yours?

::linking up with the ever fabulous amanda