16 July 2012

a monday morning

oh how lovely is the morning. finally the sun is shining again on the Bonin farm. and its Monday! i love a Monday. a clean slate. a blank sheet of paper for a new list. we all know my obsession with lists. today's list is a to-do list getting ready for our road trip. we are heading to one of my favorite spots on the earth, Eureka Springs. that fantastic town is filled with great food (almost no fast food at all there!), fun shopping, street performers on every corner, plenty of hiking & natural sight seeing, and my dad. i get to spend a couple of days with my daddy. and the very best of all is my Jordan is coming home after spending the summer working with PaPa Jay acting in The Great Passion Play. this proud mama will get to watch them both on this trip...and one 8 yr old will get to guest star (or be an extra) during that show. but even though that all sounds wonderful, the best part is Gazebo Books. That will be my first stop. I love these two sweet sisters and their most exquisite taste in books.

i am off to plan and prepare.
happy Monday my lovelies.

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