11 July 2012


dear my sweet Laura...you have been one of my closet friends since, well longer than i can remember. i adore that we can talk about ALL things that are me. I mean who else sends me a message "How are you celebrating Julia's birthday?" And it be perfectly normal to me...and that I knew you meant Julia Child. I love you!!

dear Carolyn...my heart breaks that you are growing up and Auntie Mame is missing it. you are too cute and smart for words!!

dear Doris Kearns Goodwin...you are amazingly talented. thank you for Team of Rivals.

dear Marion Cunningham...may you rest in peace. i learned so much from you during your time on this earth. you reminded us how important the family meal is.

dear mister...planning our anniversary trip is so fun. I. CANNOT. WAIT. I love you BIG BIG.

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  1. Well my sweet lady, I'm glad we made it, the next twenty years will be even more amazing than the first.