15 July 2012


this weekend was straight up wet!
it has rained for days which means we have been indoors for days
we have watched more than a few movies... loved this
watched this again
books and stories galore
i am enjoying this
and started this
Sawyer is devouring his Spiderman comics (my own little Dr Sheldon Cooper)
and starting something new tonight with mom...maybe The Borrowers???
my sweet Cameron didn't let the weather stop his training
running and more running for that guy
the kitchen has been in full swing
these boys are eating us out of house and home
Cruella got a much needed grooming
a little bit of junkin did get squeezed in though
what's a weekend without junkin???

How was yours?

linking up with the ever wonderful amanda


  1. It finally rained here in PA and it was much needed. I haven't been to a thrift store in two weeks! Have a good week!!

  2. i'll take your wet! we've had a shower here and there and i'm thankful but i could use a few days stuck at home due to wet weather - MIGHT just get those closets cleaned out that way ;-)

    and dolphin tail was hugely popular here!

  3. We need your rain here in SC too.Like Amanda we have had a stray shower here and there, but nothing really to speak of.

    Boys can eat can't they? I have four of my own and now a son in-law, they are always hungry!