28 July 2012

forty is...

...knowing that forever love, like the tortoise, wins the race. that love isn't always easy or fair or fun but the reward is oh so sweet. i forever love my sweet mister.

...knowing the value of making a good loaf of crusty bread or a lovely roast & gravy or the perfect cake for my friends and family.

...knowing books to share with my beloved book club.

...knowing that perfect shade of understated pink gloss. and the worth of the smile it brings to my face.

...knowing that my small circle of true friends are more valuable than gold.
   i love you Keisha.
   i love you Laura.
   i love you Shanna.

....knowing that no matter how wrong a day goes, one egg fresh from the nest and one slice of bread makes a Hen in the Nest and that makes comfort.

...knowing that the fear of other's opinion is a prison that i will no longer reside in.

...knowing that counting my blessings is essential.

...knowing that i should be more compassionate like my mother...more dinner for those who are sick, more letters to my friends & family, more cakes to those who are having a special day or just a sad one.

...knowing that i have mastered the art of laundry, of the perfect roasted chicken (rosemary & lemon!), of how to cut an avocado, of how to bandage a boy's knee, of when to stop and read a story to a sweet little face and all those other things that a mother & wife learns.

...knowing this 40 has been learning and growing.
what will the next 40 be?


  1. I would like to think that the next will bring alot of rocking on the porch watching our grandkids play and growing old together.