05 August 2012


this weekend was full of smiles
it started with a surprise of a new sideboard (last pic btw)
i oh so love it! finally a spot for my grandmother's china & mother's crystal
i took several trips to my new favorite junk store
one to pick up my sideboard
one to take my bestest bud to check it out
and yet another driving 4 members of my book club to buy out the joint
Urban Habitat was so thankful for the business, they gifted me a beautiful silver candelabra! score!
of course the kitchen was non stop...Hawaiian  pizza, and this, and even this!
the house has been full of teenagers, teenager girlfriend visits, and the dogs going crazy with all the excitement
dreaming of adding these to our menagerie
watched a little television
enjoyed my current read
spending time with my favorite girls, my sweet boys, and my mister = the perfect weekend

how was yours?
linking up with the ever fabulous amanda


  1. What a great sideboard.Score!

  2. That sounds like a perfect weekend. Love the sideboard!

  3. love that sidebar! we want photos once you get all that precious china situated just right, k?

  4. Great find! I am sure your treasures will look very lovely inside :)