29 August 2012

bright and shiny...and 10 right now

what a beautiful bright & shiny day! wednesday is my new favorite day of the week. it is Master Gardener class day. i am in love with the class. we go together like peanut butter & jelly. i have already learned so much after only a few classes...including a BEE CLASS! now all i need is to convince my sweet husband that he wants fresh honey from his very own bees too. that should be a piece of cake, right?
our sunny, easy day is a stark contrast to what is happening just a few hours east of me. my thoughts have been with those in the path hurricane Isaac. my family knows all too well how dangerous and even tragic a hurricane can be.

now my 10 things...

::Master Gardener class...have i mentioned that i am loving it??
::watching the bees dance thru our vegetable garden
::the fact that we are officially a homeschooling family...yay!!
::feed store dates with my mister
::watching my Cameron drive away for his last first day of school...and having Sawyer inside starting his first homeschool day ever.
::baking bread with my own hands reverently for my family...trying a new recipe here
::the breeze making weeding and front porch rocking much more enjoyable
::my mister coming home in the early morning hours, just as the sun is peaking through the trees, whispering his love for me in my ear thinking i am asleep and don't hear him...it gets no better.
::this book...a great read
::peach pie

1 comment:

  1. The bread dough look good! I am thinking of taking a bee class too:-) How do you like it?