15 August 2012

good morning

::good morning my sweet girls. how i love to watch you have your hen parties.

::good morning watermelon patch. you are most beautiful.

::good morning mockingbirds flitting thru the yard. from bird bath to tree top and back.

::good morning peppers. my mister does adore you so.

::good morning bees and more bees. thank you for helping our garden along. watching you work is such a treat.

::good morning super duper Cooper. you are ALWAYS eager to see us...and us you.

::good morning tiny watermelons. we wait with great anticipation to taste you.

::good morning my newest herb garden (since the rosemary more than took over the original space). i am loving this hanging garden.

::good morning my newly planted autumn garden. i have big plans for you.

::good morning the most peaceful place on the earth. you are special to me.

::good morning to all of you, my lovelies! have a fantastic Wednesday.
I plan on it. today is the first meeting of my Master Gardener's course...so excited!

1 comment:

  1. wow, a gardening course, so exciting! I think I might get kicked out of said course for my willy-nilly gardening ways.