31 August 2012

this moment

one photo ... no words
a moment i want to savor   to remember always
a moment that makes me smile
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29 August 2012

bright and shiny...and 10 right now

what a beautiful bright & shiny day! wednesday is my new favorite day of the week. it is Master Gardener class day. i am in love with the class. we go together like peanut butter & jelly. i have already learned so much after only a few classes...including a BEE CLASS! now all i need is to convince my sweet husband that he wants fresh honey from his very own bees too. that should be a piece of cake, right?
our sunny, easy day is a stark contrast to what is happening just a few hours east of me. my thoughts have been with those in the path hurricane Isaac. my family knows all too well how dangerous and even tragic a hurricane can be.

now my 10 things...

::Master Gardener class...have i mentioned that i am loving it??
::watching the bees dance thru our vegetable garden
::the fact that we are officially a homeschooling family...yay!!
::feed store dates with my mister
::watching my Cameron drive away for his last first day of school...and having Sawyer inside starting his first homeschool day ever.
::baking bread with my own hands reverently for my family...trying a new recipe here
::the breeze making weeding and front porch rocking much more enjoyable
::my mister coming home in the early morning hours, just as the sun is peaking through the trees, whispering his love for me in my ear thinking i am asleep and don't hear him...it gets no better.
::this book...a great read
::peach pie

19 August 2012


this weekend was
new additions to our menagerie...Tank, Sawyer's boer goat 
we love that sweet bottle baby.
rain showers
the watermelon patch is loving the rain.
time spent in the kitchen
making pancake mix, tonics for the animals to brave this heat, 
Mexican dinners, pots of raspberry leaf tea, 
and then Sunday morning banana pecan pancakes.
how i love time spent in my warm kitchen...
lists on the new chalkboard wall
dates recanted with teenagers
aprons and bare feet (and mamas in rubber boots)
loads of hugs and stolen kisses
those sweet bare feet running thru the yard that they just mowed, playing catch with Jake, smiling & laughing all the while
i love weekends like these

how was yours?
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17 August 2012

right now

one photo ... no words
a moment i want to savor   to remember always
a moment that makes me smile

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16 August 2012

10 right now

  1. going back in time...love these.
  2. Master Gardener class...i am learning a ton and BEE CLASS is coming up!!!
  3. i am obsessed with these.
  4. hand holding with one that you love.
  5. i absolutely dream of these on my feet...daily.
  6. this just may be going up in our backyard soon.
  7. rising before my peeps and having quiet time in the garden.
  8. i want my greenhouse to be made like this.
  9. tomato sandwiches.
  10. Julia Child 100th Birthday celebration this weekend...Oh Julia how you changed our lives. We are forever fearless thanks to you.

What are loving right now?

15 August 2012

good morning

::good morning my sweet girls. how i love to watch you have your hen parties.

::good morning watermelon patch. you are most beautiful.

::good morning mockingbirds flitting thru the yard. from bird bath to tree top and back.

::good morning peppers. my mister does adore you so.

::good morning bees and more bees. thank you for helping our garden along. watching you work is such a treat.

::good morning super duper Cooper. you are ALWAYS eager to see us...and us you.

::good morning tiny watermelons. we wait with great anticipation to taste you.

::good morning my newest herb garden (since the rosemary more than took over the original space). i am loving this hanging garden.

::good morning my newly planted autumn garden. i have big plans for you.

::good morning the most peaceful place on the earth. you are special to me.

::good morning to all of you, my lovelies! have a fantastic Wednesday.
I plan on it. today is the first meeting of my Master Gardener's course...so excited!

06 August 2012

10 right now...

  1. planning our Autumn garden
  2. sugar's roll in preserving at Food in Jars
  3. projects and more projects at home
  4. that Ashley English and her newest book...adore her!
  5. oh so want to add these
  6. eren's new digs
  7. adding these to my garden
  8. our new chalkboard wall in the kitchen
  9. greenhouses...especially ones made from vintage windows
  10. grilled burgers!!

What are you obsessed with right now?

05 August 2012


this weekend was full of smiles
it started with a surprise of a new sideboard (last pic btw)
i oh so love it! finally a spot for my grandmother's china & mother's crystal
i took several trips to my new favorite junk store
one to pick up my sideboard
one to take my bestest bud to check it out
and yet another driving 4 members of my book club to buy out the joint
Urban Habitat was so thankful for the business, they gifted me a beautiful silver candelabra! score!
of course the kitchen was non stop...Hawaiian  pizza, and this, and even this!
the house has been full of teenagers, teenager girlfriend visits, and the dogs going crazy with all the excitement
dreaming of adding these to our menagerie
watched a little television
enjoyed my current read
spending time with my favorite girls, my sweet boys, and my mister = the perfect weekend

how was yours?
linking up with the ever fabulous amanda