31 January 2011

from the kitchen...

::bread baking...still tweaking the recipe. weigh in if you have a go-to recipe.
::cookbook reading
::secret telling
::many math problems
::some reading aloud too
::menu planning...ugh! what to cook this week??
::granola envy...i need a fab recipe
::soaking up the warmest space in my home 

grilled pork chops (thank you Kevin)
brown rice & peas w/ mrooms  garlic sauteed spinach

lemon talapia 
asparagus pesto pasta
romaine salad

beef stew
rice  cornbread

chicken paillard
oven roasted sw. potatoes  broccoli

chicken & roasted garlic white pizzas
cob corn  italian salad



lunch box
::graham crackers
::cashew butter
::yogurt & granola
::pesto pasta w/ chicken (from paillard)
::beef stew

bread box
::sandwich loaves

cookie jar
::chocolate chewies...back by popular demand.

what is going on in YOUR kitchen this week?

bonin farm daybook

Outside my window... ~the frogs are singing and the birds are chirping, and the first crows of the morning from Mike...my very own symphony of nature.

I am thinking... ~that life is what you make and that i am thrilled i learned that lesson.

I am thankful for... ~repentance.

I am wearing... ~black yoga pants, tiffany blue tee.

I am remembering... ~my book club that met on my birthday. how beautiful they made it for me...complete with my mother's signature cake. can't think of a better bday cake!

I am going... ~for my yearly well check this morning. just might have to stop by the book store on the way home.

I am currently reading... ~Coop by Michael Perry 

Reading Aloud...~ Stuart Little by E. B. White
(Sawyer choice and is LOVING it)

I am hoping... ~Jordan to do well at his golf tourney today. Cameron to have a productive day. Sawyer to continue loving learning.

On my mind... ~finding and keeping balance. being a better mother, wife and friend.

Noticing that... ~simplicity makes me happy.

Pondering these words... In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.  
Robert Frost

In the kitchen... ~bread is baking for breakfast.

Creating...~pillows from bank bags i thrifted and Valentine fun

Around the house... ~all are asleep and quiet. Kevin left for work an hour ago. i am having some quiet time.

One of my favorite things ~snuggles.

From my picture journal...

30 January 2011


*haircuts for all...we LOVE miss brandy
*lots of grilling...burgers, steaks, pork chop = no more cooking this weekend!
*birthday wishes 
*a little office time...but my peep kept me company
* much blog stalking
*letter writing
*catching up with friends
*redbox time
*best birthday dinner ever...my mister's steak & asparagus
*a little sleeping in
*a lot of snuggling
*another simply wonderful weekend

check out Amanda's weekend. 
how was yours?

happy sunday

on this rainy sunday this video brings a little sunshine my way. i hope it does yours as well.
let us start the week with smiles and hugs.
do something kind.
give free hugs.

29 January 2011

from the silver screen::

a list of 25 movies (plus a few) that i adore. i could and have watched these over and over.
  1. Les Divorce
  2. Lemon Tree
  3. The Pianist
  4. Mildred Pierce
  5. The Man Who Came to Dinner
  6. The Big Chill
  7. O Brother Where Art Thou
  8. Urban Cowboy...hey i'm from Texas!
  9. The Color Purple
  10. What About Bob?
  11. Shenandoah 
  12. Gone With The Wind
  13. Julie and Julia...really only the Julia part
  14. Vicky Christina Barcelona
  15. The Shawshank Redemption 
  16. The Godfather Series
  17. The Pianist 
  18. To Kill A Mockingbird
  19. Despicable Me 
  20. Less Than Zero
  21. Chocolat
  22. You've Got Mail..."i would send you bouquets of sharpened pencils"
  23. Out of Africa
  24. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
  25. The Remains of the Day
honorable mention
::A Room with a View
::Meet Me in St. Louis
::Pride and Prejudice...Keira Knightly version
::Howard's End
::The King's Speech

the very cool Amanda also listed hers. go check it out!

28 January 2011

this moment

A Friday ritual. 
A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. 
A simple, special, extraordinary moment. 
A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

27 January 2011

39 candles

on my birthday today. 39 is a good number. i welcome it with open arms. happy to have had these years. to live and learn. to know better and do better.
in honor of this big day i am going to list a wish for each of those candles.
i wish...

  1. for many hours of reading 
  2. to continue down the path i am traveling...to know me and love me.
  3. for picnics with my peeps
  4. to grow the best garden yet...with new raised beds (fingers crossed)
  5. to be a good example
  6. to be more of a hiker and biker
  7. to present in each and every moment
  8. to be an encouragement
  9. to go on lots of movie and bookish dates with my mister
  10. to be frugal
  11. to listen and heed His direction
  12. to relearn French
  13. for smiles and giggles
  14. for a beach cruiser 
  15. to be the kind of mother my mother would have been proud of
  16. to speak less and listen more
  17. to write more letters...anyone want to exchange letters??
  18. to go on more camping trips
  19. to be a more accomplished photographer
  20. for a new camera to help with #19
  21. to continue to learn to sew and to sew often
  22. to travel 
  23. to be a friend that a friend would want
  24. to learn to make cheese
  25. to become a knitter
  26. for learning opportunities
  27. for a peace filled rhythm in  my home
  28. for self confidence to grow and self doubt to dwindle
  29. to always show others respect
  30. for much homemade ice cream!
  31. for many read aloud hours with the peeps
  32. for a trip or two to my Eureka
  33. to remember what my mother and her mother before her taught me...and to live it
  34. to volunteer more of my time
  35. to organize my pantry
  36. to never raise my voice
  37. to spend more time with my friends
  38. to incorporate pilates back in my life
  39. to love and be loved

26 January 2011

right now, i am

::not taking photographs...i have been under the weather.
::healing from being feverish
::pondering what tomorrow's birthday means. 
::pondering where this country has evolved. on facebook last night during the State of the Union my eyes were opened.
::looking forward to my book club meeting tomorrow night. will the girls have loved The Help as much as i?
::planning vacations...weekend camping trips...family vacation-maybe Shenandoah National Park-maybe the Grand Tetons...hmmm?
::looking deep in myself. trying to push away that old nemesis self doubt. 
::getting my new spectacles today. letting these eyes get a rest from the contacts a while.
::thankful for this space and each of my sweet readers!

24 January 2011

today i meant to....

wash all the bedding
bathe Sadie...Mathilda got hers last night
bake a little something for the cookie jar...at least the bread got baked
scrub the bathrooms...just "hit the high spots" as my grandmother would have said
finish a book with Sawyer...check
put new hay out for the girls
plan my menu for the week

finish the second reading of The Help for book club...LOVE that book
finalize seed order

did you have a more productive day than this feverish girl did?

23 January 2011


*pinewood derby day...Sawyer came in 5th place overall
but gain so much more. he and his dad and brothers building, sanding, test runs and much smiling.
*movie watching
*popcorn eating
*fetch playing
*book reading
*heart to heart talking
*khakis shopping with Jordan
*best girlfriend couch time spending
*bucket list compiling
*vacation planning
*fever in the middle of the night (poor Saw)
*art supply organizing 
*fantastic life acknowledging 

how was YOUR weekend?

21 January 2011

this moment

A Friday ritual. 
A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. 
A simple, special, extraordinary moment. 
A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

20 January 2011

10 right now

*fresh new 2011 calendars ready to be filled in 
*fluffy pancakes with warm maple syrup for dinner
*freshly vacuumed cars
*bamboo cutting boards
*Top Chef...go Richard Blaise and Fabio cracks me up!
*teenagers...my guys are so fun.
*Coop...great read
*Avett Brothers...I and Love and Avett Brothers
*sweet validation

19 January 2011

right now, i am

on my way to the eye doctor.
ulcer on my eye!
looks like spectacles for this girl for a while.
which is just fine with me. 
on the bright side....new glasses!

18 January 2011

this i know for sure....

*bread made by your own hand tastes better than any other
*listening to Jack Johnson makes a sad day glad
*finding your own style is way less exhausting than chasing other's
*loving yourself through your own eyes has far greater reward than what others see
*being a mother of 3 boys = marine corp basic training + some.
*toasted french bread rubbed with garlic & drizzled with a good olive oil always means yum!
*add fresh brandywine tomatoes to above and that means heaven
*forgiveness is freeing
*making mud pies is the best
*love is patient*love is kind
*love liberates...it never binds

what do YOU know for sure?

17 January 2011

from the kitchen...

much has been going on. the center, the heart of our home. with the cold finally making it to Texas, comfort food was definitely in order. warming to our bodies and oh so warming to our souls.
last week's menu did not go quite as planned. i was under the weather and things changed.  we still ate well! pizzas by our own hands...our favorite. so much more than food happens in that room. rounds and rounds of Rush Hour & Apples to Apples. painting (portraits of mom & dad) and sketching. planning life and reliving the week's triumphs and spelling words.
this week the plan is:

pinto beans
rice cornbread cole slaw

Dorie's beef daube
country loaf 

rice dressing
sweet potatoes garlic sauteed spinach

chicken spaghetti
haricot verts italian salad
french bread

roasted cob corn  salad

(jordan's meal to cook)
coconut chicken 
glazed carrots spring peas w/ mushrooms
salad w/ handmade croutons

steak frites
 caesar salad garlic toast
apple tarte tartin  

::oven chicken tenders
::cheese crackers
::basic crackers w/ gouda
::teriyaki jerky
::hard boiled eggs from our girls
::granola & yogurt

cookie jar
::chocolate chewies

bread box
::sandwich loaves
::french loaf
::croutons from day old french loaf

what is happening in YOUR kitchen?

15 January 2011

hello weekend

hello waking with the sun
instead before it

hello grits for breakfast
oh how i love thee

hello pjs till noon
how wonderfully lazy

hello movie date with Jordan
am super excited to see

hello wool socks & hot cocoa

hello book & blanket

hello movies & popcorn
and maybe a ferrero rocher

hello board game marathons
Apples to Apples is a favorite
though Sawyer is learning & loving Chess

hello hikes & bikes
maybe some geocaching

hello 4 day weekend
it is so very nice to see you

14 January 2011

this moment

A Friday ritual. 
A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. 
A simple, special, extraordinary moment. 
A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

13 January 2011

10 right now

*rounds of Rush Hour
*seed catalogs...want more heirlooms in the garden this Spring
*cold, crisp weather that is perfect for hot coca
*my uggish boots...ok maybe they are from American Eagle
*taking photographs
*looking back...and learning from it
*roasting the perfect chicken
*True Grit...best movie i have seen a while
*quiet conversations in the dark with my mister
*being recognized by this blog for having a stylish blog. thank you Erin!

now to follow the rules of the Stylish Blog Award. Seven things about me.
  1. i crave a simple life.
  2. i love calendars. i love filling in the calendars. planning ahead. sending birthday cards. i may have bought 3 last week and 1 for my dad. i just may be addicted.
  3. i love being in my garden. new plans for a revamped spring garden in the works right now...sorry Kevin but that means i need some things built.
  4. i have a husband that makes me laugh everyday.
  5. i very much dislike root beer, fennel, or anything remotely similar.
  6. i am a quotes junkie.
  7. i am a ponderer. i love to sit in the stillness and think things through.
thank you Erin for thinking of me. i am truly flattered.

12 January 2011

right now, i am

...trying to remember to look at the glass as half full. i don't want to be the half empty kind of girl. that lesson has been learned...finally. it took a while to realize that i had to like myself to be truly happy. the authentic me.the me that loves books, that is pulled to the kitchen, that simple is better and that quiet is music to my ears. 
 that my story was my story. and no one could write it for me. 
life couldn't be better than to see that glass half full.

11 January 2011

note to self

  • watch the tone of your voice. ALWAYS speak kindly.
  • be true to yourself. 
  • schedule your time wisely. do what works for me & my family when it works best!
  • take time daily for yourself. i know i can only be better if i take care of my needs too...why is it so hard to remember that?!
  • make freezer meals = make life simpler.
  • get the Spring garden planned.
  • take a class
  • smile more

10 January 2011

from the kitchen...

rice cornbread sour cream cheese
cole slaw

pork loin chops
roasted sweet potatoes 
spinach salad

chili topped baked potatoes

baranco beans spanish rice
salsa guacamole

build you own pizzas
roasted cob corn spinach/arugala salad

hen sauce piquant
rice green beans crowder peas

fajita burritos
refried (baranco leftovers) spanish rice
green salad with jicama & avocado
chocolate chewy cookies

::banana fritters
::graham crackers
::sandwich bread
::parmesan crackers
::strawberry banana smoothies

what is coming from your kitchen this week?

07 January 2011

this moment

A Friday ritual. 
A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. 
A simple, special, extraordinary moment. 
A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

05 January 2011

from the kitchen...

this week.

pulled pork sammies
(from leftover new years roast)
rosemary sweet potato oven fries

haricot verts green salad
roasted garlic french bread

fried catfish
black eyed peas cabbage
cream cheese pound cake

garlic broccoli green salad

build your pizzas
roasted cob corn

grilled burgers 
italian chicken sammies
home fries

cheese enchiladas
spanish rice charro beans
kevin's salsa & chips

::french toast & brown sugar bacon
::french bread
::hot cocoa mix
::after school snacks::tortilla pizzas, oven chicken tenders, mucho cheese & butter crackers, satsumas galore

what has been coming from your kitchen?

right now, i am

pondering, planning for the new year.
seed catalogs, cookbooks, urban homesteading, cheese making.
planning new raised beds, building a headboard (i think).
making lists...books for 2011, skills to learn...knitting,
new cooking techniques to master, 
what to grow in the Spring garden, places to travel to.
simplifying life. 
staying home...just where i want to be.

What are your recommendations for my book list?

01 January 2011

consider 2011

1 January, 2011. the first day of the year. the day we look forward. we consider, we ponder and resolve to make this year a better one. i considered this while cooking the traditional new year's meal of pork roast, rice & gravy, black eyed peas, cabbage and cornbread...or at least traditional for a cajun family in the deep south. i considered how i so enjoy cooking for my family. how it fills my soul to fill their stomachs. but am i feeding them? am i giving them what they need? the only way to do so is to be the best me i can be. but what does that mean? for me, it is to continue along the path i started last year. to simplify. to scale down...activities, running here & there, television and computer use, and even things in my home. i have been and will chose to live a simpler life. to grow much of my own food. to cook that food showing it the greatest respect. to clean out and not bring more in. to rest in the solitude and find my center. to (and i think most importantly) be present in the moment. less can truly be more.

the usual book list and accomplishments i want to make will follow in the coming days. you know i like nothing more than a good list! 

happy new year my friends. may it bring you joy beyond measure.