17 January 2011

from the kitchen...

much has been going on. the center, the heart of our home. with the cold finally making it to Texas, comfort food was definitely in order. warming to our bodies and oh so warming to our souls.
last week's menu did not go quite as planned. i was under the weather and things changed.  we still ate well! pizzas by our own hands...our favorite. so much more than food happens in that room. rounds and rounds of Rush Hour & Apples to Apples. painting (portraits of mom & dad) and sketching. planning life and reliving the week's triumphs and spelling words.
this week the plan is:

pinto beans
rice cornbread cole slaw

Dorie's beef daube
country loaf 

rice dressing
sweet potatoes garlic sauteed spinach

chicken spaghetti
haricot verts italian salad
french bread

roasted cob corn  salad

(jordan's meal to cook)
coconut chicken 
glazed carrots spring peas w/ mushrooms
salad w/ handmade croutons

steak frites
 caesar salad garlic toast
apple tarte tartin  

::oven chicken tenders
::cheese crackers
::basic crackers w/ gouda
::teriyaki jerky
::hard boiled eggs from our girls
::granola & yogurt

cookie jar
::chocolate chewies

bread box
::sandwich loaves
::french loaf
::croutons from day old french loaf

what is happening in YOUR kitchen?


  1. Oh my, I would love to be a guest at your house this week;-) And that is a perfect loaf of bread!

  2. That list sounds fantastic. You inspired me last week to write up our menu. It's not as complete as yours, but we will be enjoying Vermont Turkey Loaf this evening. :)

  3. i like this idea of writing out your menu..and including everything: lunches, treats, bread. fantastic! everything i make sounds so boring in comparison though...i guess i could spice the names up!

  4. Mmmmmm, sounds good!

    I need to get back into my menu planning.