05 January 2011

right now, i am

pondering, planning for the new year.
seed catalogs, cookbooks, urban homesteading, cheese making.
planning new raised beds, building a headboard (i think).
making lists...books for 2011, skills to learn...knitting,
new cooking techniques to master, 
what to grow in the Spring garden, places to travel to.
simplifying life. 
staying home...just where i want to be.

What are your recommendations for my book list?


  1. I'm actually curious to see the urban homestead books YOU are reading!

    But fiction wise if you like the Thomas Hardy, maybe check out Roberson Davies= modern, funny, canadian version.

  2. Ok - I have a deal for you. I'll trade knitting know-how for some gardening advice. It's not just that my thumb isn't green ... it's black AND moldy!!!

  3. sounds like you are up to lots of goodness. I always get excited when the seed cataloges start coming! Thanks for the award...I have been offline for a bit and am just getting back.