18 January 2011

this i know for sure....

*bread made by your own hand tastes better than any other
*listening to Jack Johnson makes a sad day glad
*finding your own style is way less exhausting than chasing other's
*loving yourself through your own eyes has far greater reward than what others see
*being a mother of 3 boys = marine corp basic training + some.
*toasted french bread rubbed with garlic & drizzled with a good olive oil always means yum!
*add fresh brandywine tomatoes to above and that means heaven
*forgiveness is freeing
*making mud pies is the best
*love is patient*love is kind
*love liberates...it never binds

what do YOU know for sure?


  1. oh my...i love your list. jack johnson is a favorite of mine too! we saw him in concert last october. and your statement about forgiveness...all i have to say is my life is a good as it is today because of giving and receiving this one. really glad i found your blog!

  2. I know for sure you are right about having three boys - I've got three as well, and one daughter in the middle of it all. The thought of fresh tomatoes as I sit here in New Hampshire where it's 10 degrees is heavenly!

  3. I love Jack Johnson too. I met his wife, she is really nice!