23 January 2011


*pinewood derby day...Sawyer came in 5th place overall
but gain so much more. he and his dad and brothers building, sanding, test runs and much smiling.
*movie watching
*popcorn eating
*fetch playing
*book reading
*heart to heart talking
*khakis shopping with Jordan
*best girlfriend couch time spending
*bucket list compiling
*vacation planning
*fever in the middle of the night (poor Saw)
*art supply organizing 
*fantastic life acknowledging 

how was YOUR weekend?


  1. Awesome listing!

    It all sounds wonderful ... except for the midnight fevering ... hope Sawyer is feeling better now!

  2. I remember those pinewood derby days when my oldest son was in cub scouts. Lots of fun!

  3. sounds like a full, well-lived weekend!

    if you're interested, feel free to add the link to your weekend post to the comments in my weekend post -- would love to have people coming together to celebrate the magic that is the weekend ;-)