27 January 2011

39 candles

on my birthday today. 39 is a good number. i welcome it with open arms. happy to have had these years. to live and learn. to know better and do better.
in honor of this big day i am going to list a wish for each of those candles.
i wish...

  1. for many hours of reading 
  2. to continue down the path i am traveling...to know me and love me.
  3. for picnics with my peeps
  4. to grow the best garden yet...with new raised beds (fingers crossed)
  5. to be a good example
  6. to be more of a hiker and biker
  7. to present in each and every moment
  8. to be an encouragement
  9. to go on lots of movie and bookish dates with my mister
  10. to be frugal
  11. to listen and heed His direction
  12. to relearn French
  13. for smiles and giggles
  14. for a beach cruiser 
  15. to be the kind of mother my mother would have been proud of
  16. to speak less and listen more
  17. to write more letters...anyone want to exchange letters??
  18. to go on more camping trips
  19. to be a more accomplished photographer
  20. for a new camera to help with #19
  21. to continue to learn to sew and to sew often
  22. to travel 
  23. to be a friend that a friend would want
  24. to learn to make cheese
  25. to become a knitter
  26. for learning opportunities
  27. for a peace filled rhythm in  my home
  28. for self confidence to grow and self doubt to dwindle
  29. to always show others respect
  30. for much homemade ice cream!
  31. for many read aloud hours with the peeps
  32. for a trip or two to my Eureka
  33. to remember what my mother and her mother before her taught me...and to live it
  34. to volunteer more of my time
  35. to organize my pantry
  36. to never raise my voice
  37. to spend more time with my friends
  38. to incorporate pilates back in my life
  39. to love and be loved


  1. Happy birthday, friend!!

    I love this list and hope that all your wishes come true :-)

  2. making cheese if fun! we've done mozz and ricotta so far - yum!

    i love to write letters and welcome real mail that isn't bill-related ;-)

    i think this is a lovely list! my 39th is rapidly approaching and i hope i welcome it as gracefully as you seem to have welcomed yours. happy birthday!

  3. Those are wonderful wishes for your birthday!!! I hope next year at this time you can revisit them and see how much you've done. Happy Birthday!

  4. what an incredible list! happy birthday!!! i'm always game to exchange some snail mail :)

  5. that list is beautiful and inspirational...can i just add five candle wishes to this for my 44 candles this year? happy birthday blogging friend!

  6. Happy Birthday! Hope all your wishes come true! I turned 42 this year and that is supposed to be the answer to everything (according to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)...I have yet, however, to be overwhelmed with omniscience. :-)

  7. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful list!

  8. Happy birthday! I wish you a healthy garden and lots of books and hikes! I've got two years on you - I'm not minding the big 40.

  9. Happy birthday a few days late. I can't think of anyone I enjoy talking to more. Wish we had more opportunities for conversation. Janet and I both miss you. I feel confident you will do all of those things on your list and more.