01 January 2011

consider 2011

1 January, 2011. the first day of the year. the day we look forward. we consider, we ponder and resolve to make this year a better one. i considered this while cooking the traditional new year's meal of pork roast, rice & gravy, black eyed peas, cabbage and cornbread...or at least traditional for a cajun family in the deep south. i considered how i so enjoy cooking for my family. how it fills my soul to fill their stomachs. but am i feeding them? am i giving them what they need? the only way to do so is to be the best me i can be. but what does that mean? for me, it is to continue along the path i started last year. to simplify. to scale down...activities, running here & there, television and computer use, and even things in my home. i have been and will chose to live a simpler life. to grow much of my own food. to cook that food showing it the greatest respect. to clean out and not bring more in. to rest in the solitude and find my center. to (and i think most importantly) be present in the moment. less can truly be more.

the usual book list and accomplishments i want to make will follow in the coming days. you know i like nothing more than a good list! 

happy new year my friends. may it bring you joy beyond measure.


  1. What a wonderful post Stephanie! It IS so good to simplify, slow down, be present.

    I worked very hard this year at being present, particularly with my kids, and it was amazing! The more present I was, the more present I wanted to be!