31 October 2010


i have been

  • making Halloween costumes
  • catching up with childhood friends...and smiling because of it
  • realizing some things about myself...some good, some not so good
  • reading the classics...and some terrific Jan Karon
  • having a house full of teenagers = more smiles
  • soaking up long conversations with 3 sweet peeps...teenagers (& 1st grade fellows) are a good great time!
  • enjoying the journey
  • missing talks with my mother...and her fried chicken
  • spending mucho time in my rocking chair in the Autumn breezes
  • still in love with my new boots
  • thinking of going to see her when she comes to Houston...anyone want to come with?
  • in deep thought
  • thinking of Thanksgiving preparations 
  • making Christmas wish lists
  • not sweating the small stuff

29 October 2010

this moment

A Friday ritual.
 A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. 
A simple, special, extraordinary moment. 
A moment that is oh so special to me.

27 October 2010

right now, i am

...thankful for these 2 special woman. these traditional cajun ladies. one, Kevin's sweet 89 year old grandmother. the other, her younger sister. they mean the world to me. being in a time in my life where i have lost all my grandmothers and my mother, they have become those things for me. and i am the better for having them in my life.

25 October 2010

about a boy

playing his harmonica on the street in Eureka Springs
"i can play like the other street performers mom
do you have a hat i can use for tips?"
Harry Potter himself

named Sawyer

  • you are a curious little guy. never a stone left unturned. never a question left unasked. 
  • you have a giver's heart. whether it be your last dollar or a bite of something yummy, you want to share. you share your things, but more importantly you share your faith with whomever will listen and your love. 
  • you are my helper. i watch you clean your room without being asked...even your brother's room to surprise him. yesterday i found you with vacuums in hand to clean the living area rug. thank you my sweet boy!
  • you are up for anything. no matter what i suggest you are there with a smile.
  • and that smile. those electric blue eyes smile along with your precious face. it is medicine to my soul.
  • you have a love of learning. lately i hear you walk around sounding every word out in sight. music to my ears! and  you proclaimed that "math is fun!!". that's right, learning is fun. may you never lose that feeling.
  • you have an amazing imagination. oh to be your age again. to be fighting off dragons in the morning, building a castle from rocks at noon, and by nightfall have climbed the eiffel tower.
  • you believe you are or can be any and every thing. you proclaim yourself as an artist, as  a photographer, as a musician, as a chef, as a golfer, and as a scientist. you my friend are exactly each of those things and so much more.
  • you are your own person. what others think and do are not defining to you. I LOVE THAT ABOUT YOU! you eat what you like. you wear what you like. you come up with your own ideas and think for yourself. i love that you are going to be your own version of Harry Potter for Halloween...complete with a cape you want me to make and a wand found on a nature walk. may you never change.
  • you are my pal. always by my side. i wouldn't have it any other way.

22 October 2010

am a fan

:: of running into long lost friends and picking up where we left off.

:: of heartfelt apologies.

:: of the Rangers going to the World Series.

:: of building another up.

:: of this

:: of a weekly email from a friend that puts things in perspective for me. a friend that has been the best of examples to me since 2nd grade. i love you!

:: of my new boots  i do so love thee

:: of my bookish peeps. the conversations and deep friendships we share.

:: of this author. i am smitten by his descriptive, romantic even, writing. it is poetry to my ears. he transports me into his story and will not let me go.

:: of all things Autumn...pumpkins & gourds, leaves being carried away with the crisp breeze, cardigans & boots.

what are you a fan of?

18 October 2010

no, i haven't run away

i am still here. missing my space and therapy it provides. where have i been? what has been happening? well, since you asked....

  • my sweet mister has been battling gall bladder attacks. i feel terrible for him. they come out of no where and are so painful.
  • girl's day trip to Nachitoches, Louisiana for the Fall Pilgrimage. post to follow.
  • spelling tests
  • handwriting work
  • PSATs
  • ACTs
  • kevin's darling cajun grandmother's 89th birthday celebration. post to follow.
  • my work...so busy!
  • date nights with my Sawyer....nothing better than a movie and popcorn with this guy.
  • teenagers taking over my house...lots of apples to apple being played and tons of food being consumed. where do they put it?
  • canning of some yummy peach butter
  • hands of go fish being played
  • babysitting of my precious 3 month old niece until her permanent babysitter could begin. wow is she fun!
  • chickens & ducks to feed and eggs to gather
  • puppies being born and held....sweet puppy breath
  • signing up for cub scouts
whew! that is quite a list. its a busy time in our lives, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

what has been on your list?

08 October 2010

this moment

A Friday ritual.
 A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. 
A simple, special, extraordinary moment. 
A moment that is oh so special to me.

07 October 2010

my Eureka

this passed weekend i took a road trip. just me & my peeps. kevin had to work. oh how we missed him, but oh what fun we had. these are just a few photos from the weekend. i plan on introducing Eureka Springs, Arkansas in post to come later....for instance the million stairs i climbed time and again. i will see you soon my friends.

06 October 2010

right now, i am

...thinking of a grand time with 3 boys.
a road trip. just mom & peeps.
thankful for the talks & laughter.
the books & food.
but mostly for just being.

03 October 2010

10 right now

  1. Autumnal weather....cardigans, jackets, hot chocolate and fires
  2. weekend road trips to Eureka
  3. going on an adventure with my peeps....they are such a good time
  4. Walden...what is better than reading about nature?
  5. Eureka Daily Roast...my most favorite coffee shop on the earth. the best dark chocolate cocoa ever!

 6. mums and pumpkins and gourds and crotons, oh my!
 7. new boots!
 8. lunch on the balcony of the Basin Park Hotel
 9. truthfulness
10. playing marbles with my littlest guy