31 October 2010


i have been

  • making Halloween costumes
  • catching up with childhood friends...and smiling because of it
  • realizing some things about myself...some good, some not so good
  • reading the classics...and some terrific Jan Karon
  • having a house full of teenagers = more smiles
  • soaking up long conversations with 3 sweet peeps...teenagers (& 1st grade fellows) are a good great time!
  • enjoying the journey
  • missing talks with my mother...and her fried chicken
  • spending mucho time in my rocking chair in the Autumn breezes
  • still in love with my new boots
  • thinking of going to see her when she comes to Houston...anyone want to come with?
  • in deep thought
  • thinking of Thanksgiving preparations 
  • making Christmas wish lists
  • not sweating the small stuff

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