18 October 2010

no, i haven't run away

i am still here. missing my space and therapy it provides. where have i been? what has been happening? well, since you asked....

  • my sweet mister has been battling gall bladder attacks. i feel terrible for him. they come out of no where and are so painful.
  • girl's day trip to Nachitoches, Louisiana for the Fall Pilgrimage. post to follow.
  • spelling tests
  • handwriting work
  • PSATs
  • ACTs
  • kevin's darling cajun grandmother's 89th birthday celebration. post to follow.
  • my work...so busy!
  • date nights with my Sawyer....nothing better than a movie and popcorn with this guy.
  • teenagers taking over my house...lots of apples to apple being played and tons of food being consumed. where do they put it?
  • canning of some yummy peach butter
  • hands of go fish being played
  • babysitting of my precious 3 month old niece until her permanent babysitter could begin. wow is she fun!
  • chickens & ducks to feed and eggs to gather
  • puppies being born and held....sweet puppy breath
  • signing up for cub scouts
whew! that is quite a list. its a busy time in our lives, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

what has been on your list?

1 comment:

  1. Peach Butter sounds awesome! Hope your guy feels better soon!