25 October 2010

about a boy

playing his harmonica on the street in Eureka Springs
"i can play like the other street performers mom
do you have a hat i can use for tips?"
Harry Potter himself

named Sawyer

  • you are a curious little guy. never a stone left unturned. never a question left unasked. 
  • you have a giver's heart. whether it be your last dollar or a bite of something yummy, you want to share. you share your things, but more importantly you share your faith with whomever will listen and your love. 
  • you are my helper. i watch you clean your room without being asked...even your brother's room to surprise him. yesterday i found you with vacuums in hand to clean the living area rug. thank you my sweet boy!
  • you are up for anything. no matter what i suggest you are there with a smile.
  • and that smile. those electric blue eyes smile along with your precious face. it is medicine to my soul.
  • you have a love of learning. lately i hear you walk around sounding every word out in sight. music to my ears! and  you proclaimed that "math is fun!!". that's right, learning is fun. may you never lose that feeling.
  • you have an amazing imagination. oh to be your age again. to be fighting off dragons in the morning, building a castle from rocks at noon, and by nightfall have climbed the eiffel tower.
  • you believe you are or can be any and every thing. you proclaim yourself as an artist, as  a photographer, as a musician, as a chef, as a golfer, and as a scientist. you my friend are exactly each of those things and so much more.
  • you are your own person. what others think and do are not defining to you. I LOVE THAT ABOUT YOU! you eat what you like. you wear what you like. you come up with your own ideas and think for yourself. i love that you are going to be your own version of Harry Potter for Halloween...complete with a cape you want me to make and a wand found on a nature walk. may you never change.
  • you are my pal. always by my side. i wouldn't have it any other way.