22 October 2010

am a fan

:: of running into long lost friends and picking up where we left off.

:: of heartfelt apologies.

:: of the Rangers going to the World Series.

:: of building another up.

:: of this

:: of a weekly email from a friend that puts things in perspective for me. a friend that has been the best of examples to me since 2nd grade. i love you!

:: of my new boots  i do so love thee

:: of my bookish peeps. the conversations and deep friendships we share.

:: of this author. i am smitten by his descriptive, romantic even, writing. it is poetry to my ears. he transports me into his story and will not let me go.

:: of all things Autumn...pumpkins & gourds, leaves being carried away with the crisp breeze, cardigans & boots.

what are you a fan of?


  1. Go Rangers!!!

    I have never followed baseball ... but I'm obsessed! I just found out that for the first game of the World Series ... I'll be at my son's little league game. Would it be rude to listen to a radio while he plays??? ;-)

  2. Seriously - those boots are AWESOME!