19 August 2012


this weekend was
new additions to our menagerie...Tank, Sawyer's boer goat 
we love that sweet bottle baby.
rain showers
the watermelon patch is loving the rain.
time spent in the kitchen
making pancake mix, tonics for the animals to brave this heat, 
Mexican dinners, pots of raspberry leaf tea, 
and then Sunday morning banana pecan pancakes.
how i love time spent in my warm kitchen...
lists on the new chalkboard wall
dates recanted with teenagers
aprons and bare feet (and mamas in rubber boots)
loads of hugs and stolen kisses
those sweet bare feet running thru the yard that they just mowed, playing catch with Jake, smiling & laughing all the while
i love weekends like these

how was yours?
linking up with the ever fabulous amanda

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