01 July 2012


this weekend was junkin
and finding the perfect set of doors for my headboard...track they hang from to be installed when the hubs is off.
it was sanding and painting and planning and smiling
smiling because i adore making junk into something beautiful
beautiful to me
rain kept us indoors a bit
there was a busy summer kitchen rather than summer grill
chicken etouffee and a burger night...love a burger from my cast iron skillet
a new book was started
new books added to my to-read list
pod racing was watched and immitated
caught up with Newsroom with my mister...Aaron Sorkin has done it again
and most importantly the lastest episode of my beloved Junk Gypsies
i adore those girls
games were played
smiles & belly laughs
hugs & kisses
it was a great weekend

How about yours?

::linking up with the ever fabulous amanda


  1. love, love, love the headboard! and no fair, y'all had rain? send some my way next time, please?!

  2. Rain in Texas in summer? Can it be? Count yourself lucky!