02 September 2012


this weekend was introspective for me. taking a deep look at myself.
there was a great deal of quiet time with Kevin working, Jordan at the beach for the holiday weekend, and Cameron busy with cross country & working at the auto shop. Sawyer and I had lots of one on one time. 
we read and baked and drove over to feed the goat...can't wait to get him on the property neXt week.
i spent time in my garden when it wasn't storming. Kevin's beautifully prolific watermelon vine is taking over EVERYthing! It keeps creeping over to my fall tomatoes and squash trying to choke them out. Grrr!
since we have a 4 day weekend, tomorrow will round it out nicely. all my peeps will be back in my nest. hiking in the Big Thicket, pork loin on the grill, and loads of board games and belly laughs are on the agenda...and a few prayers for my silly claustrophobia as i prepare for an MRI/CT Scan for the brain tumor. i am waaaay more worried about the test than the tumor my friends.  

how was your weekend??

i am linking up with the ever fabulous amanda.


  1. hiking in big thicket sounds fun! and the pork loin on the grill...nom nom...wish i could join y'all tomorrow :)

    will be thinking of you with the upcoming mri/ct. keep us posted!

  2. It is always a good day when all the family members are home safe and sound.

    I will have you in my prayers and hope all is good news from your scan.

  3. Stephanie, I saw your comment on Jen's blog and wanted to let you know that you CAN be a knitter. I taught myself from watching Youtube videos and if you need any help just ask okay?

  4. That sounds like a lovely weekend, and much more productive than mine!

  5. Ever read Wouk's The Winds of War? Reading it now.

  6. Quiet time is good...the board games and belly laughs sound even better.

    Thinking of you...chin up. :o)


  7. Sounds like a fun weekend...prayers for a good test :)