23 October 2009

a wonderful gift

this morning we got a wonderful gift.the girls finally came through. cameron found our very first egg while feeding. we are completely excited. the day is fast approaching when we get all our eggs from our fantastic girls!

seeing this egg in the straw took me back to my childhood. i can see the 9 year old stephanie gathering the days eggs from our chickens. my mother was the original organic gardener and homesteader. she loved her chickens and rabbits and the beautiful dark, rich soil after it had been freshly tilled. i can see her face like it was yesterday when her troy-bilt tiller, and it had to be troy-bilt, came in from her mail order. i will be forever grateful for her teaching me the joys and beauties of this way of life. watching her at her sewing machine, helping her with the canning of our vegetables and fruits, and seeing the tenderness she took with the animals....always thinking of more animals we could add...all the while knowing just how important it was to her to live this way. these are lessons that are in my heart and ever in my mind. just like this morning's egg, they were wonderful gifts. how grateful i am that she was on this earth long enough to teach me the importance of these things.


  1. first egg seems to be a wonderful first gifts. Picture of the eggs looks good. Your blog is informative and less time consuming. Ihampers.co.uk

  2. What fun! We don't have chickens (yet), but your story and memories make it sound so delightful!

  3. thanks beth...i hope you visit again.

    365...you must get a few chicks of your own. they are amazing and the eggs are out of this world!

  4. Patsy had a great love and respect for the gifts of nature. She knew it was not enough to take from the garden each season, but to enrich the soil organically, so next season's yield would be even better. Her talent as a cook is a talent I see in you as well. Your desire to learn new techniques, try new recipes, and live a healthy lifestyle, confirms once again you are your Mother's daughter.

  5. that is truly the best compliment i have ever received.
    i love you.