21 October 2009

10 things

::bluebirdbaby .......i love a daily dose of peace & love

::snuggling under my great grandmother's quilt with a feverish little fellow

::pots of yummy soup simmering on the stove to welcome this Autumn

::trips to the library.....what is better than some quiet time in a good library?

::my jordan's smile and his enthusiasm for life

::anticipating our double i mean triple date this friday to see this movie

::sitting in the grass with & watching my chickens graze in the afternoon

::christmas gift projects

::nighttime rides with cameron and the interesting conversations we have

::this song

what is making you happy?


  1. Oh, what a nice list! What's making me happy? Cooler weather, rain, a purring kitten, a tail-wagging dog, a hug from my daughter, a kiss from my husband, listening to my favorite tunes...

  2. Think I'll take Janet to see Amelia this weekend, too.

  3. Listened to 7 Worlds Collide. Interesting. Always looking for new music. Recently discovered Susan Enan. Check her out.