24 April 2011


this weekend was
a sleep in kind of 3 day weekend.
we slept way too late Friday & Saturday
but it was oh so needed.
there were egg hunts
lots and lots of softball playing
Saturday afternoon BBQs at the sister in law's house
complete with a long drive contest with the cousins
and basketball games too.
watching Hangover for the millionth time with my mister
cooking of turkeys...Spring style
roasting of asparagus...straight from my garden (yay!).
Sunday brought a drive to Vinton
my mister's sweet little grandmother
89 years young
along with that turkey & asparagus was my fave rice dressing.
more cousins
more egg hunts
remembering of the sacrifice our Savior made for us...As He bled through every pore.
taking a moment to really ponder what that means.

what was your weekend?

**I am linking up with the ever so fabulous Amanda**


  1. the hangover is soooo funny! waiting for the next one to hit netflix ;-)

    mmmm...dirty rice. do y'all put liver in it? i know some do, some don't. it's just about the only i eat liver.

    sounds like a fun weekend! i didn't realize y'all were so close to louisiana but you must be if you made it to vinton for the day - how far are y'all from say port neches?

  2. much less active....but it did include watching the hangover too! wait a sec...and roasting asparagus! {but unfortunately not from our garden.}

  3. For some people Easter meals are about the bird or the ham but it is all about the asparagus at our house! ;) Roasted too... not from the garden though. :(
    Sounds like a full and wonderful weekend!

  4. Glad you had a busy but happy Easter, Stephanie.. We too were busy but now it is back to work. smile..

  5. Sleeping in? Ahhhh...
    We had a busy one - lots of fun with cousins, lots of eating and drinking, lots of chocolate, egg hunting, lovely church service. A weekend to be thankful for!

  6. I have to say, I did like hangover too!! It was laugh out loud hilarious! And roasted asparagus from your own garden, now that is awesome! Glad you had such a wonderful Easter weekend! Hope your week is going the same!