09 April 2011

since i've been gone

i have been laughing and crying. watching and reading (a teeny bit). pondering and more pondering. and......

  • hiking as much as possible
  • searching until my eyes are about to cross for homeschool curriculum 
  • watching 2 HS peeps play golf
  • watching a little peep play baseball
  • not making it to book club (i suck!)
  • not letting people provoke a reaction out of me
  • not sweating the small stuff
  • checking out some zoo animals
  • checking out Veterinary School with my Cameron
  • supporting Jordan in his college choices
  • planting Spring flowers
  • visiting little Cajun great aunts...boy is she great!
  • finding out a great deal about myself
  • and loosing 22 lbs. so far. only 18 more to go. ugh!

i have missed you my sweet friends. i needed some time to process some things and be silent a while. hopefully i am back now. 
what has been going on in your world???

a little been gone music for you.


  1. so glad to see you popping into this space again. i know sometimes you just have to walk away and focus on real life - sounds like you did a lot of focusing and accomplishing :)

  2. I have missed you! So glad to hear about the weight loss ... I need to join you in that adventure!