17 April 2011


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this weekend was nice and slow.
the mister had to work all weekend. date consisted of a quick run to the local bbq joint for steaks. but it was a cherished hour indeed.
Saturday started late. slept in to the unbelievably late hour of 8am.
laundry, meals, snacks, and forest fires. yes, a huge forest fire. it has burned over 5,000 acres so far. including some of my beloved Big Thicket. it is terrible.
watched this movie. it delightfully surprised me. the story and characters were more 3 dimensional than i expected. a tear or two might have found their way down my cheek.
spent way too much time on Pinterest. i might be a bit obsessed.
a little reading of this. and a study of Hebrews that i am devouring. learning more about Gideon. pondering that it is not the amount of perseverance that i have, it is what i do with it.
i HAVE to remember that.

how was your weekend?


  1. A beautiful weekend Stephanie - sounds like it was full of love. Mine was great - perhaps a bit too full, feeling a bit sleepy today. Katie x


  2. i watched that movie last night and was completely surprised it. i grew up in se texas listening to country - old country like merle, george jones, dolly parton, tammy wynette, hank jr. and must say, i know nothing about the country music scene today other than that it holds no interest for me. however the music in this movie was fantastic! hubby even mentioned we should buy the soundtrack ;-)

  3. Sounds like a beautiful weekend, Stephanie..
    So sorry about the forest fires..
    I tried to get to the "this" that you were reading but couldn't get to it... Maybe next time although Hebrews sounds lovely...
    Have a blessed week...

  4. Ok, I want to watch that movie now!! And I am sorry to hear about the forest fires, I hope they have it contained soon if it isn't already...