10 April 2011


Jordan at District Golf Tournament 

Cameron at the District Golf Tournament

this weekend i...
lost mislaid my camera cord...hence the IPhone photos above
watched my garden grow. please hurry tomatoes. i so want to eat you in a sandwich.
read a little. which is a total miracle these days.
went to bed early and awoke way too early.
Saturday's early rising was for a great cause. i took a road trip with my sweet Cameron. we went to the Texas A&M Veterinary School Open House. and i didn't even spontaneously combust when i stepped on to the campus. please would my beloved University of Texas build a Vet School?? in any case, he LOVED it. we saw everything. even a live surgery on a basset hound. very impressive.
on that road trip i saw fields and fields of bluebonnets. so beautiful. so majestic.
while i was gone Sawyer played baseball. thank you Jordan for being the kind of son that i can trust with not even a thought of a worry to take care of your brother. my first baseman is over the moon about his first year of Little League. it has been a blast!
Sunday has brought a serene peaceful day. i oh so heart Sundays like this. mornings with my church family and afternoons with my peeps.
and i am ready to do all again next weekend.

how was your weekend?


  1. Glad to see you back!

    My weekend wasn't quite as interesting, but spring has finally come to New Hampshire, so I'm thankful for small (or large, after our extremely snowy and cold winter) blessings.

  2. busy weekend! my cousin left ut and started at lsu in january - she's pre vet and liked the program at lsu better than that at a+m.

    yay for time with a book!

  3. hey! so cool to read your words here again! we're in the midst of college prep too. i feel as though i'm in a continual state of shock. olivia thinks she has made a final choice of uc santa cruz. busy weekend - we just became the proud owners of a 1969 fireball travel trailer that came home saturday. we're excited and overwhelmed...and doing our best to remember it's a long-term project.

    welcome back. :)