18 May 2010

a day in the life

* sunshine * birds serenading * dogs swimming in the pond * mrs. dalloway * egg gathering * quiet * physicals for scout high adventure camp * chatting * school * fishing * ponytails * NPR *
laundry * couch time with my honey * laughs * burgers & fries * egg delivering * beetle catching *phone conversation with my dad * dreaming of vacations * pondering * smiling * living*
this is a glimpse of my day. an ordinary day that is extraordinary to me. in my world the secret of a happy life is finding joy in the everyday. NPR playing a sonata calms my spirit. chatting with one of my peeps fills my soul. watching the dogs swim in the pond and chase squirrels puts a smile on my face. these are a few of my favorite things.

today's harvest
our newest baby chicks
from our very own eggs

sawyer and his "yoka" poses

for reasons known only to him he chose to practice on the old work truck

the face of a boy who has played his little heart out today

mom: "you are one dirty guy"

sawyer: "yep, it was fun!"


  1. Your harvest is amazing. My Colorado garden is dreaming of big heads of broccoli and yellow squash...
    And how wonderful to hatch your own eggs, congrats!

  2. This sounds like a perfectly perfect day!

  3. Your veggies look good.I want a garden when we are back in a house. We're growing peppers on the patio. And did Sawyer study transcendental meditation at FBC kindergarter or in primary?