17 May 2010

this weekend

this weekend was fantastic chaos for the bonin bunch. i love when everyone has something fun to do! it is always better when the spice of life is something muey caliente like cayenne. friday night was perfect. we had my peeps favorite dinner of spaghetti and meatballs coupled with a movie. saturday is when the games really began. cameron had a yard to mow and another job later that afternoon. sawyer had a birthday party (another of the buddies from the buddy club turned 6). it was the best party ever! bobby had a pirate birthday filled with patches & earrings and even a most awesome treasure hunt....great job mr. woody. sawyer came home with buried treasure in his own wooden treasure chest. so neat. then it was my turn. i helped throw my sweet sister in law erin's baby shower. what a time we had. my brother...aka bobby flay...made us pulled pork, baked beans, and super yummy chipolte potato salad. i might have brought home a to go plate or two. that is the perks of being the aunt. the night ended with my picking jordan & cameron up at a stake dance that night. boy were we tired. but it was a good...great tired.
while all that joy filled my life, there was another mama that had her's taken away. a friend of my jordan was killed in an auto accident friday night. she was a kind, happy 16 year old softball playing junior in high school. in an instant lives where changed forever on a rainy highway on a run of the mill friday night. my heart breaks for them. the pain, the sorrow, that empty lonely feeling you get when you lose part of your heart. i have thought of that mama this weekend. there have been many trips down the hall just to lay eyes on my own peeps and maybe a text or 3 just to say i heart you. i know that mama wishes for just one more chance to do the same. may that mama find peace......may we all.

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  1. Maybe you would like some more potato salad? Because we have at least 10 pounds of it in the fridge. Oh, and cake, too. You want cake, yes?